New Callaway Jaws MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedge


With the new JAWS MD5 wedge, Callaway engineers, led by Chief Wedge Designer Roger Cleveland, took a three-pronged approach to promote consistently high spin. 1) New JAWS groove design. 2) Groove-in-Groove technology. 3) A variety of new and revised grind options for better turf interaction. The new JAWS groove design features groove walls angled at 37 degrees with a tighter edge radius to promote consistently higher spin for precise control. This is a dramatic change from any previous Callaway groove designs. Every wall, surface and edge of each groove is milled into the face using a proprietary horizontal-milled, saw-cut process with a proprietary saw-cutter oriented to mill the groove with exacting precision. The bit is replaced after every 15 clubheads to ensure every groove is cut with maximum precision. That creates a more precise and consistent groove from end-to-end, and from one groove to the next. The combination of this proprietary process and proprietary blade is a major part of the �secret sauce� that helps JAWS MD5 promote consistently high spin. Callaway�s innovative Groove-in-Groove technology is characterized by Micro-Positive surface roughness milled into the flat areas of the face, between each groove. This surface roughness consists of four raised micro-ridges, extending the length of the hitting area, with micro-grooves between the ridges that grab the ball�s cover. Another key for consistently high spin is proper turf interaction. The extensive JAWS MD5 grind selection affords players numerous options to find the grind that promotes consistently solid contact. There are now two W-grind options, the new low-bounce W-grind and updated W-grind. The low-bounce W-grind, requested by Callaway Tour Staff pros, combines increased heel relief, a wider center region, generous front-to-back camber and a low degree of bounce. That decreases digging while keeping the leading edge close to the turf at impact for remarkable forgiveness on �heavy� shots. The updated W-grind now features increased heel relief and wider sole-width making it the most forgiving wedge in the lineup. This combination also decreases digging while keeping the leading edge close to the turf at impact, promoting clean contact. It�s a wedge designed for players with a sweeping to moderate angle of attack who need more playability in medium-to-soft course conditions. The C-grind has been revised with a widened middle region, reduced bounce angle and added heel relief, to make it easier to make solid contact on shots played with the face open. Designed for players with a medium-to-shallow attack angle and/or tight and firm course conditions. Additional options include the S-grind and X-grind. The S-grind combines a medium-width sole with slight camber at the trailing edge and moderate heel relief to keep the leading edge low through impact, promoting solid contact, even on open-faced shots. This grind suits a variety of attack angles and can be played on all types of course conditions. The X-grind, introduced just last year, has a narrow, high-bounce crescent-shaped sole with the low point close to the front, designed for moderate-to-steep attack angles and medium-to-soft course conditions. Standard Callaway warranty applies and satisfaction is guaranteed.
Jaws MD5 Platinum Chrome
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