New Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal HL Irons


New to the JPX lineup, Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal HL Irons were created to address the issue of increasingly strong lofted irons across the industry. For some golfers, typically those with a slower swing speed, shots struck with lower lofted clubs don't produce enough spin and thus never reach their optimal apex. Consequently, distance suffers, and the ball will struggle to hold the green. HL, or high launch, features a lower, deeper center of gravity and weaker lofts that yield a high, easy launch. Despite this new design, HL Irons retain the same blade length and nearly the same size topline as standard Hot Metal. Like its siblings, Hot Metal HL Irons are crafted from Chromoly 4335, which is 35% stronger than the Chromoly 4140M used in the previous generation, JPX921 Irons. Chromoly 4335 is so durable that it's used in landing gear, transmission gears, and military aircrafts. This new, extremely tough material allowed Mizuno's engineers to reduce face thickness by 8%, resulting in the thinnest face in JPX history. The thinner, hotter face generates explosive ball speeds that toe the boundary of what the USGA legally allows. Additionally, the previously mentioned speed and distance are available across a much larger area of the face. The 923's more prominent sweet spot works harmoniously with the iron's revolutionary perimeter-weighted design, giving rise to prodigious forgiveness. If you would like to customize the shafts, grips, lengths or lies give us a call or send an email to Standard Mizuno warranty applies and satisfaction is guaranteed.
JPX 923 Hot Metal HL
Club Type:
Iron Sets
Condition Rating:
10 out of 10