One-Size-Fits-All Cabretta Leather Glove (3 Pack) + FREE SHIPPING

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Does spending $15 or even $20 per glove pain you as much as it does us? Dallas Golf's team has developed our very own DG-branded, genuine soft leather, bargain-priced, one size fits all golf glove. Yes, really, this is a true one size fits all product. We've tested it on hundreds of golfers and never found a single person unhappy with the fit! The flexible material where the palm meets the fingers makes this possible. The durable materials give this glove comparable longevity to any of the more expensive name brand options you're going to find on the market. We are selling a THREE PACK of these popular soft leather gloves for one low price. Please carefully select the dexterity you need when you are ready to order. Shipping is with USPS, unless you're adding this to another order. The gloves are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Questions? Just ask!
DG Performance Fit
Glove Material:
Leather + Flexible Synthetics
Glove Size:
One Size Fits All