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Assessing the Best Driver Shafts by Feature

Posted by Dallas Golf on 07 Nov 2020

As we have noted at Dallas Golf Company before, anyone who is looking for a quick answer to the question of “what is the best driver shaft” is doing a disservice to the sport and to the pursuit … read more

Buy Golf Shafts Online and Get Much More

Posted by Dallas Golf on 22 Oct 2020

You can go down to your local golf shop if you are lucky enough to have one, or you can buy your golf shafts online like a lot of golfers do. While there’s something to be said about local … read more

We Have Some of the Best Golf Shafts in the Game!

Posted by Dallas Golf on 02 Oct 2020

Your golf glove matters, and the club head you use matters. The golf ball you use when you are practicing and playing matters too. All of these things and much more matter, and each of them can have … read more