Callaway Paradym Super Hybrid


While fairway woods deliver outstanding distance, they are inherently difficult to hit consistently. Callaway created the Paradym Super Hybrid to solve this problem, offering one of the rarest and most desirable combinations in the golf industry: the power of a fairway wood and the versatility, accuracy, and playability of a hybrid. To engineer a hybrid capable of such lofty feats, Callaway leveraged the same highly advanced materials found in their drivers, beginning with the titanium face. Titanium is lighter and stronger than steel, allowing for a thinner, more flexible face that produces explosive ball speed. The all-titanium body is equally advantageous, permitting a larger, extraordinarily forgiving footprint. Finally, the Super Hybrid's lightweight triaxial carbon crown creates discretionary weight, which Callaway's engineers replace in the form of triple MIM weighting. The weight is strategically positioned in the club head to generate supreme stability and a penetrating launch with a piercing trajectory. Callaway powers the Super Hybrid with UST's Recoil Dart shaft. UST optimizes stiffness in the energy transfer section of the shaft to achieve maximum distance. The tip section's increased stiffness stabilizes the club head, resulting in maximum consistency and an optimum ball flight without diminished feel. The MMT is highlighted by a small section of Metal Mesh integrated into the tip section that increases the weight and stability of the shaft, perfectly blending steel strength and composite feel. Standard Callaway warranty applies and satisfaction is guaranteed.
Club Type:
Hybrid, Utility Club
Condition Rating:
10 out of 10

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