Cleveland HALO XL 2 Fairway Woods


Built to launch it high and deep off the deck consistently, Cleveland HALO XL Fairway Woods features a host of technologies to take your long game to the next level. The Launcher HALO XL's most significant technological advancement is the byproduct of artificial intelligence. Known as MainFrame XL Face Technology, Cleveland's R & D team utilized AI to simulate thousands of strikes across the club's face. After evaluating the performance characteristics of each result, face geometries were manipulated, and thousands more simulations were run. This deliberate process was repeated many times and ultimately led to the creation of an intricate, variable-thickness face design that vastly expands the sweet spot and improves energy transfer across the face. When combined with Rebound Frame's ability to allow for remarkable face flexing, MainFrame XL yields explosive ball speed wherever contact is made. As beneficial as maximizing distance is, fairway woods are traditionally some of the most demanding clubs to hit consistently, frequently producing "thin" or "fat" shots. Cleveland's proprietary GlideRail technology reduces those frustrating misses, helping the HALO XL graze the surface without digging into the turf and minimizing the impact of longer grass on the club head. Additionally, the improved XL Head design's lower, deeper center of gravity elevates launch, MOI, stability, and forgiveness, so the inevitable mishit isn't nearly as punishing.
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10 out of 10

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