Titleist TSR1 Driver

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Engineered for the moderate swing speed player or those with driver speeds less than 90 mph, the ultralight Titleist TSR1 Driver delivers effortless speed, distance, and a high launch without sacrificing forgiveness or feel. To achieve the ultralight design, Titleist strips every non-essential gram from the 460cc TSR1, with weight savings coming from a lighter head weight, 40-gram shaft, and lightweight grip. The weight removal process was so successful that the TSR1 weighs a whopping 40 grams less than its TSR2 sibling. Eliminating excess weight combines with the driver"s improved "boat tail" aerodynamic shape that houses the tungsten weight, removing an element of drag from the sole to maximize club head speed through the air. Forgiveness is equally essential as distance, so Titleist outfits the TSR1 with their Multi-Plateau Variable Thickness technology. Found in other TSR driver models, this distinctive face design maintains nearly constant CT across the entire hitting surface, so even poorly struck shots produce lightning-fast ball speeds. Additionally, the TSR1 launches it high and possesses unequaled MOI thanks to the lowest center of gravity of any Titleist driver. Titleist found the perfect complement to the TSR1's ultralight construction in Mitsubishi's lightweight MMT SpeedMesh shaft. Metal Mesh Technology (MMT) is made with lighter, thinner materials and applied to the tip section to maximize energy transfer while maintaining incredible stability.Standard Titleist warranty applies and satisfaction is guaranteed.
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