Is RIBCOR A Game Changer?

Posted by DG on 26 Feb 2018

RIBCOR is to TaylorMade's 2018 irons as Hammerhead is to their drivers. It delivers distance. Crazy distance. RIBCOR technology is actually pretty simple. It stiffens the club face outside the grooves leaving the part of the face where you actually strike the ball to flex more than normal. 

The net effect is that less energy is lost at impact. As we've touched on before, better energy transfer means greater distance.

Serious distance for players of all ability levels

"The M4 iron unlocks a new level of consistency and accuracy in a product design to be the longest in our irons lineup. M4 achieves the faster ball speeds we've ever produced in an iron." That's what the engineers at TaylorMade had to say about their 2018 M4 irons. Pretty impressive, right?

The M3 and M4 irons were built for golfers of all skill levels. They don't offer the same forged feel and control as TaylorMade's P730, P750, P770, or P790, but that's okay. Those clubs aren't for everyone. The M3 and M4 are for everyone. 

Check out TaylorMade's own product videos where they explain RIBCOR and much more.

M3 and M4 irons available to customize now!

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