Jailbreak Technology Explained

Posted by DG on 07 Feb 2017

Late in 2016, our Callaway Golf sales rep, Carl, walked through the door and asked if we were ready to have an "Epic" day. A few eye rolls later, we gathered in the hallway while he told us that he had Callaway's next driver on-hand and ready to show. 

It was the  2017 Epic and the Epic Sub Zero. He swore this driver was going to be a game changer. It's easy to understand our skepticism because we hear this year in and year out from nearly every rep we do business with. Not all clubs are game changers. That's just the reality. Many are just a modest improvement over last year.

But Carl persisted. He said Callaway's Epic had something completely different inside. He was referring to Jailbreak Technology. Manufacturers often give clever names to their new technology, but in many cases, it's really nothing more than marketing.

We're here to tell you that Jailbreak Technology is legitimate. Dallas Golf wants you to understand why, so we're breaking down what Jailbreak Technology is all about. Here's Callaway's video explaining it.


Or you can checkout Alan's "Whiteboard Session" if you want to learn even more.

Who knew that the crown and the sole of your driver actually flex at impact? And who knew that this energy, going upwards and/or downwards, was effectively a loss of energy to the face and the golf ball? Callaway was the first to identify this moment of impact reality (or at least admit to identifying it), and they created Jailbreak as a means of stabilizing the crown and sole. The titanium posts keep the sole and crown from bulging as much at impact because they are now connected. 

The net result is better energy transfer into the face. This means more ball speed and more distance.  Think we're just hyping it up? We're not. 

We actually had a customer in the hitting bay last week testing an Epic driver with ball speeds of nearly 190 mph. That's crazy high by all standards. That's Dustin Johnson long. And then some. That's the highest ball speed we have ever seen from any driver in our fitting center. Guess what he purchased? Yep. An Epic driver. Custom shaft, too.

So what's the verdict? The Epic driver is amazing. And maybe next time we will roll our eyes a bit less when Carl gets excited.

Bottom line - the Epic has great adjustability, but lots of drivers have great adjustability. The difference maker is the Jailbreak technology. It's the real deal.  We encourage you to give the Epic a look. Dallas Golf can even build you one with a custom shaft. Buy it, try it, and if you don't love it you can even send it back for a store credit.