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So Much Buzz About Twist Face!

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Tiger Woods calls it a game changer. That alone should tell you Twist Face is a big deal and that the M3 and M4 drivers from TaylorMade are worth your consideration. Tiger is known to be one of the most discerning pros ever to pick up a club. Any chance he could be wrong?

What exactly is Twist Face?

Twist Face is a subtle change to the traditional "bulge and roll" design that you've seen on golf clubs for many years. Twist Face, simply, is a curvature designed to deliver a corrective face angle on off-center impacts. TaylorMade's engineers discovered, after years of testing, that when most golfers fail to hit a tee shot dead-center, they're likely to strike the face either low/inside or high/outside.

With a traditional bulge and roll design, the result is a pronounced hook or slice. With Twist Face, your misses are minimized. Instead of a hook, you get a draw. Instead of a slice, you get a modest fade. Quite simply Twist Face means straighter shots off the tee. And we all know that more balls in the fairway leads to lower scores.

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Team TaylorMade 2018 is no accident

Arguably the strongest core group of PGA TOUR pros representing a single brand we've ever seen. Team TaylorMade 2018 features Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, and Justin Rose. Of course these guys are paid endorsers of TaylorMade, but let's face it, these guys are the best of the best. They wouldn't use anything but the best equipment on the market.

M3 and M4 drivers with nearly endless customization!

Dallas Golf is excited to have the full inventory of M3 and M4 clubs available right here at DallasGolf.com - all with nearly endless customization. Shafts, grips, lengths, etc. Any club, any way you want it. That's how Dallas Golf does it. We're excited about the 2018 TaylorMade lineup. The M3 and M4 sales (drivers, woods, and irons) have been strong right out of the gate. What are you waiting for?

Questions? Want to discuss a custom order? Feel free to call us at 800-955-9550.

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