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Which Driver Has The Most PGA Tour Wins?

Posted by Austin Chen on 10 Jul 2019

We have decided to dig a little deeper into the winning drivers on the PGA Tour so far in 2019. There have been a total of 29 winning drivers if you count the 2 PGA events during the WGCs as well a … read more

Need For Speed

Posted by Austin Chen on 14 Sep 2018

Speed is the name of the game this time around for Titleist's latest clubs.They made it their mission to solicit speed from every detail of the driver. Lets drive in the fast lane and see wha … read more

A Forged Face In A Driver?

Posted by Austin Chen on 02 Jul 2018

The Cobra F8 driver is all about the club face. It is the industry's first ever forged CNC milled Titanium face with E9 Technology. Unlike previous years, the color of the F8 driver has been t … read more