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A Forged Face In A Driver?

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The Cobra F8 driver is all about the club face. It is the industry's first ever forged CNC milled Titanium face with E9 Technology. Unlike previous years, the color of the F8 driver has been toned down by Cobra. The driver is a "nardo" gray which is very popular right now especially in the sports world. The driver comes stock with a MRC Tensei CK Blue, Aldila NV 2KXV Blue, or a Aldila NV 2KXV real deal aftermarket shaft. The Cobra F8 driver is priced at $399.

Who Is The F8 Driver For?

Any golfer with a handicap from 5 to 25 who has a moderate to fast swing speed. The driver is built for forgiveness and distance.

How Is The F8 Driver Different?

The F8 driver has a forged face that is CNC milled using a computer-controlled tool that spins over the hitting area. Much like the TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedge, Cobra Golf is another company who has decided using a computer is the way to go to create a consistent product. Polishing by hand will be different from person to person no matter how closely every one follows directions.The circular pattern in the center of the hitting area is made by the milling process.The milled club face creates more precision and consistency. It also allowed the face to be thinner especially in two places where golfers tend to miss. Those two areas are low in the heel and high in the toe.

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Other Key Features

  • The F8 driver is adjustable from 9 degrees up to 12 degrees thanks to the Cobra My Fly8 technology.
  • There are two adjustable weight ports to dial in your ball flight. Unlike traditional drivers designed with a constant roll radius, 
  • COBRA's innovative Dual Roll Technology™ utilizes different curvatures on the top and bottom of the face to optimize launch and spin for shots hit both above or below the face center. 
  • 360 Aero™ technology. The Polymer crown trips are 90% lighter than Titanium and improves aerodynamic performance without raising CG. This means that 360 Aero™ significantly reduces drag. Lower drag will give you more club head speed which means more distance off the tee.
  • The driver also comes with Cobra Connect which allows golfers to track their driving distance and accuracy. 

Is There A Tour Model?

Yes! For players who are looking to work the ball, Cobra has the F8+ driver. The driver is adjustable from 8 degrees up to 11 degrees. The Project X HZRDUS yellow shaft is offered as a stock option in addition to the all the regular F8  shaft options. The Cobra F8+ is also $399.

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