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TaylorMade's Answer To Jailbreak? Hammerhead!

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TaylorMade's M3 and M4 hit the market soon. (Dallas Golf has M3 and M4 demo clubs in the fitting center right now!) Even with the launch of M3 and M4 two weeks away, so much has already been written about Twist Face - TaylorMade's unique modification to the longstanding bulge and roll design of a driver face. Twist Face this. Twist Face that. Twist Face is getting ALL the press.

The claim is that you'll find more fairways with those off-the-mark strikes. (We'll be testing and collecting customer feedback to see if we think Twist Face is worthy of TaylorMade's marketing behind it - so stay tuned for that.)

One important detail of M3 and M4 that has been almost totally overlooked, much to our surprise, is the inclusion of what they're calling Hammerhead.

Remember back to 2017 when everyone went crazy for the Callaway Epic driver that featured Jailbreak technology? Golfers went crazy because the Epic was the longest driver anyone had tested in years. 

TaylorMade's 2018 counterpunch to Jailbreak arrives in the M3 and M4. It's called Hammerhead. We at Dallas Golf think this is, quietly, a very big deal. The Hammerhead slot is essentially an extended version of the TaylorMade Speed Pocket technology that is more flexible in the center of the pocket (think supercharged trampoline effect). The reinforced end walls of the Hammerhead slot serve the same function as Callaway's Jailbreak bars - creating stability at impact and reducing the loss of energy.

Hammerhead allows for a thinner face than what was found in the M1 and M2. A thinner face on your M3 or M4 driver will mean faster average ball speed as well as lower backspin on those drives that hit a bit low on the face.

We'll certainly do our own testing of TaylorMade's M3 and M4, but the expectation here is that these drivers will certainly give the Epic and Rogue a run for their money in terms of both distance and accuracy.

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