Vokey SM7 Wedge Grinds Explained

Posted by DG on 16 Feb 2018

Every two years Bob Vokey and the engineers at Titleist crank out what are arguably, according to many of the best pros and amateurs on the planet, the best wedges on the planet. Coming in March is the SM7 lineup - which replaces the extraordinarily successful SM6 lineup that has been around the past two years.

Vokey wedges are a great seller at Dallas Golf but spur a lot of questions from our customers. Most of those questions have to do with the different Vokey SM7 grind options. We wanted to take the opportunity to compare the grinds so you can be sure which wedge is best suited to your game. Keep in mind that every loft option - for all 6 grinds - is available in both right handed and left handed and your choice of finish. There's the classic Tour Chrome, the popular Brushed Steel, and the tour preferred Jet Black.

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Vokey SM7 M Grind

The M Grind Vokey SM7 is Bob Vokey's favorite. If you're looking for versatility - the M Grind is for you. You can hood the face, open it up, or hit it square. It's also great from the bunkers. Works well on courses with average or firm turf conditions. Keep in mind that the M Grind is geared towards those with a shallower angle of attack. (Unlike the D Grind which is built for those with a steep angle of attack.) Available in 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62 degree loft options.

Vokey SM7 F Grind

The F Grind Vokey SM7 is for traditionalists. Those who favor a classic design. The F Grind is the most popular choice on the PGA Tour, too! It's an all-purpose grind that's perfect for full approach shots into the green. It's well suited to both normal and soft turf conditions. Come in a variety of loft options - ranging from 46 degrees up to 56 degrees.

Vokey SM7 S Grind

The S Grind Vokey SM7 is the popular middle-of-the-road option in the current Titleist wedge lineup. The S Grind is geared towards golfers that will strike wedge shots with a square club face. It's built for those who aren't manipulating the face or angle of attack too much. Perfect for pretty much all turf conditions. The S Grind is available in 54, 56, 58, and 60 degree options - all with 10 degrees of bounce.

Vokey SM7 D Grind

The D Grind Vokey SM7 is a new addition to the Titleist wedge lineup. It is a high bounce option with the same crescent shape as the M Grind. The D Grind is the right choice for better players often on courses with softer turf. It's best suited to a golfer with a steep angle of attack who wants to generate a lot of spin. The D Grind comes in 58 and 60 degree options.

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Vokey SM7 K Grind

The K Grind Vokey SM7 is the highest bounce option in the Titleist wedge lineup. If you're a golfer who struggles from the bunkers (or you play a course with that deep, dry, fluffy sand) then the K Grind is for you. It's also ideal from soft turf conditions around the green. It offers the most forgiveness of any of the grinds. That makes it a good option for a mid to high handicap golfer. Available with 58 or 60 degrees of loft.

Vokey SM7 L Grind

The L Grind Vokey SM7 is for golfers typically dealing with firm turf conditions. It's the lowest bounce option available from Titleist and preferred by golfers who are always trying to create shots around the green. Love to hit those high flops? The L Grind is for you. Available with 58 or 60 degrees of loft - both with just 4 degrees of loft.

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What Else To Know About SM7

The biggest leap forward in terms of technology for the SM7 wedge lineup is the introduction of progressive center of gravity. The center of gravity has been precisely aligned with the impact position (which varies from one loft to another) to produce exact distance and ball flight control. 

It's almost important to know that the 2018 Vokey wedge lineup features a distinct groove design between lofts - low lofts (46-54) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves and the higher lofts (56-62) have wider, shallower grooves. The result is superior spin and control. Titleist also uses a proprietary heat treatment to deliver incredible durability for longer lasting spin.

Custom Ordering SM7 Wedges with Dallas Golf

Dallas Golf is excited to have every model, every grind, every finish, and every loft of SM7 wedge available for customization. We can adjust the length, loft, lie, and grip so that your wedges meet your exact specs. Use the drop down menus on our product pages, use the custom order notes box when you checkout, or simply give us a call. Our team wants to make sure you're able to get any Vokey SM7 wedge you want, any way you want it.

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