What Is Kickpoint?

Posted by Austin Chen on 12 Apr 2018

Kickpoint is probably a golf term that you have heard about anytime you are looking to buy a new club. Simply put, it is the part of a golf shaft at which the shaft experiences the greatest amount of bend when the tip is pulled down. So when you swing a club it would be the entire area of the shaft where the flex is happening. Golfers may also refer to kickpoint as the flex point or bend point. 

Whenever you take a look at the specifications of any club, you will see shaft and club companies put either low, mid, or high kick. They are telling you where the flex is happening. If the shaft is listed as a low kick point then it means that the kickpoint is located on the lower part of the shaft toward the club head. A low kick point will produce a higher launch angle. On the opposite end of the shaft toward the grip end is where the kickpoint would be for a shaft with a high kickpoint. A high kickpoint would generate a lower launch angle.  As you can see in the image below, a mid kick shaft would have the kickpoint in the middle of the shaft. 

Just remember like anything else in golf, changing the kickpoint on a shaft will not instantly fix a bad swing. There are many other factors that go into a golf swing. As always, getting custom fitted with a certified clubfitter is the best way to find out what clubs to use. If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area or coming in town, you can always give us a call at 800-955-9550 to schedule a fitting.