4 Key Attributes of TaylorMade Stealth Plus Drivers

Posted by Dallas Golf on 06 Feb 2024

                  TaylorMade Stealth Plus Drivers

Just over 40 years ago, TaylorMade Golf completely shattered the status quo with the release of the world’s first MetalWood.

While it doesn’t match the qualities of wood perfectly, titanium is lighter and stronger than steel, resists cracking, and does not change in response to fluctuations in atmospheric moisture.

It’s also low on maintenance, and could easily replicate, even exceed (in some areas) the performance of conventional wood club heads.

TaylorMade infamously pushed the envelope, and ushered in an entirely new era in which nearly all woods and drivers were made from titanium alloys for the next four decades.

They’ve reinvented performance once more, but this time through the use of carbon fiber, ushering in the CarbonWood age through the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver series.

Here are the 4 central attributes that shake things up once more.

Technologically Advanced Use of Carbon in the Club Head

The heart and soul of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver is a carbon fiber clubhead with a so-called 60X Carbon Twist Face.

This is a proprietary club face composed of 60 layers of carbon fiber, strategically layered and arranged on the club face to optimize energy transfer characteristics.

Moreover, the use of carbon fiber is vital to the engineering of these club heads because it is 44% lighter than equivalent titanium, while remaining exceptionally strong.

This has allowed TaylorMade to produce club heads that are comparatively larger than the SIM, SIM2 and SIM2 Max, yet lighter.

This weight reduction in the club face is one of the keys to performance, as it does not come at a compromise. These club heads are engineered to be lighter, larger, and just as effective at transferring energy as their predecessors.

As one of their product engineers has explained, when a club face strikes a ball, the ball compresses; a lighter face results in less compression and less energy lost.

This produces a more energy-efficient club face that is optimized for greater energy transfer and higher ball speeds off the tee, equating to greater carry distance. With a club like a Stealth Plus, you may be able to hit the ball farther without making any additional changes to your swing or style of play.

On that note, the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver’s 60 Carbon Twist Face is also optimized for forgiveness as well, helping to prevent complications associated with shot dispersion.

A Polyurethane Nanotexture Cover

                Stealth Plus

While the use of lighter, stronger carbon fiber in the club head and face is the central selling point (and performance driver) of the Stealth Plus, another key feature is what they call a polyurethane “nanotexture cover.”

This is a thin polyurethane cast that encases the club face and fine tunes launch and spin, regardless of play style or conditions.

Even in adverse (and wet) conditions, this unique cover optimizes the texture of the club face to generate consistent performance, from swing to swing.

If you’ve ever struggled to generate consistent performance from a club due to inclement conditions or a wet club face, this club has one of the keys to the solution.

Without this unique cover, the club face would lack the texture and properties needed to generate the ideal friction conditions at impact, which would compromise energy transfer.

Fortunately, thanks to this unique and proprietary feature, the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver is optimized to produce ideal launch and spin conditions needed for perfect carry distance and minimal dispersion.

Customizable Shot Shape

The product engineers at TaylorMade know that part of developing a successful design in a driver head has to do with relinquishing some autonomy back to golfers.

That is to say there is not here, nor is there ever a one-size-suits-all solution in the sport of golf.

As hyper-optimized and insightfully engineered as the Stealth Plus driver is, one of its hallmarks is a 10g sliding weight track that can be positioned to customize shot shape according to the needs of the golfer.

This makes it possible for enterprising golfers to completely personalize the performance of the Stealth Plus driver according to conditions, their own individual needs, and more.

It also gives golfers the ability to “tune out” any shot biases the club produces right out of the gate, without the need to seek a new shaft or re-train their swing mechanics or form.

Sound Performance

                 Stealth Plus

Last but definitely not least, it’s worth calling out that the experts at TaylorMade overlooked nothing in the design of the Stealth Plus driver - right down to acoustic feedback.

The people at TaylorMade know that, as much as you can feel through the shaft, a lot of feedback is relayed auditorily, too - that crisp “ping” of a perfect shot is like music to a golfer’s ears, and a reaffirmation that a swing was about as perfect as perfect gets.

With this ultra-modern club head, you won’t need to make any concessions on acoustic feedback. In fact, it has been expressly engineered to deliver - so you can not only feel, but also hear when your swing was right on the money.

Get Fitted for a TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver

Together, these four core attributes of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver push performance to the limits, enabling longer drives with less shot dispersion, even under adverse conditions, all while allowing for personalized tuning and advanced acoustic feedback.

With that being said, to get the most from a Stealth Plus driver, it’s worth it to work with a professional for club fitting services; a good driver paired with a shaft that doesn’t work with it (or with you) is like knitting fog. Failing to pair a club with the right shaft just won’t enable you to get the most out of it in terms of performance.

Get in touch with our professional club fitters and we’ll help you choose the right golf shaft for a Stealth Plus; even if you’re not in our area, we’ll make personalized recommendations that you can pursue as a starting point.