5 of the Best Golf Stand Bags for 2022

Posted by Dallas Golf on 22 Aug 2022

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There are some well-defined traits that make a golf stand bag good - or not - and none of them is exactly a mystery. A stand bag should be lightweight, have room for the essentials, and use full-length dividers to prevent shaft migration and damage.

Durable, folding, lightweight stand systems (legs) are also a bonus since players who use golf stand bags have to walk the course and don’t typically play in the company of a cart or caddy. Specialized pockets, a water-resistant coating, and other similar features are also nice to have.

Most stand bags have some of them, and a few have all of them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that the following golf stand bags are among the most popular on our website.

1. Callaway Strata Ultimate Stand Bag

New for 2022, the Callaway Strata Ultimate Stand Bag packs a lot of features that players love and is one of the best-selling stand bags at, hands down.

It features a 7-way top with 3 full-length dividers (and a dedicated putter well) to protect your golf shafts against incidental damage. It also features 5 separate pockets so you can keep your essentials and clubs close at hand and easily accessible.

Among its extra pockets are several specialized pockets. It features a full-length apparel pocket where you can stash a windbreaker or a change of clothes as well as a cooler pocket where you can keep your refreshments fresh and your water bottle cool.

The design of this golf bag is very lightweight and it also makes use of extremely ergonomic and comfortable shoulder straps so you can carry your gear all day long with minimal fatigue.

2. Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag

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The Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag is a miracle of modern engineering in more than one way.

First, right out of the gate, it impresses with its lightweight design. Golf equipment manufacturers are constantly trying to see how “low they can go,” and this golf bag makes an impressive move on weight. It’s only 2.8 pounds empty!

It also features a slick modern aesthetic as well as a 4-way top with full-length dividers. This golf bag features 5 additional pockets including an apparel pocket and a velour-lined valuables pocket and comes with a matching rain hood.

3. 2022 Sun Mountain 4.5 LS

The 2022 Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Golf Stand Bag weighs 4.7 pounds, but you’re getting what you pay for. It’s worth the extra pound or so.

This stand bag has a 10.5”, 14-way top with individual dividers. It also features 9 pockets, offering plenty of room for all your gear and equipment.

It makes up for that extra weight with extra ergonomic features as well, with an easy-to-adjust, easy-fit dual-strap system and a lumbar support airflow hip pad.

Comfortable and capacious, this is a great golf stand bag to choose if you need extra space in an ergonomic package that will keep you supported and cool all day long.

4. Callaway Fairway+ Double Strap Golf Stand Bag

The Callaway Fairway+ Double Strap Golf Stand Bag is a solution for players that need a cart-friendly option. It’s like a hybrid between a cart bag and a stand bag.

It features a 4-way top with rubber over-molded grip blocks and is push-craft compatible, although it’s also perfect on its own.

It also features a towel ring, quick clips, and construction from durable fabric, and is easy to carry and transport thanks to its adequate, comfortable grips.

5. Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag

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The Mizuno BR-D2 features a lot of player-friendly features. It features a 4-way top with 2 full-length dividers and is capable of carrying up to 14 clubs with ease. It also has 9 pockets integral to its design that are ideal for keeping all your gear and refreshments close at hand.

It also features a unique attribute known as a “Mod Pouch,” a modular attachment that can be removed at attached at will and which can be used to expand the utility and capacity of this bag - or slim it down, whichever you need.

The Mizuno BR-D2 also features large, comfortable padded shoulder carry straps, making it perfect for long days on the golf course.

Questions About These Golf Stand Bags?

While these are currently some of the best-selling golf stand bags on our website, we offer countless others with a wide range of unique features, facets, and attributes.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable golf stand bag with plenty of usable features, durable construction, and ergonomic design, we have what you need, you just need to find it.

Take a look through our collection of golf bags via the link above or get in touch with our customer service team for more assistance at 800-955-9550. We’d love to help you find the perfect new stand bag for your needs.