A Closer Look at Some of Our Top Selling Fujikura Shafts

Posted by Dallas Golf on 24 Feb 2022

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Since 1995, it has been Fujikura’s express mission to create the “World’s Best Performing Golf Shafts.” The company has developed and unveiled multiple technological achievements over the course of its history that have created lighter, stronger, more flexible shafts.

Proprietary features like VeloCore Technology, Variable Torque Cores, Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, and Metal Composite Core Technology have all helped to define the quality that rests in Fujikura Shafts. The company has even developed a proprietary 3D motion capture system, “enso” which enables them to test and make adjustments to their golf shafts, in order to maximize performance.

The end results are golf shafts that are uncompromising on consistency and performance. These are the top-selling Fujikura shafts in our catalog.

Fujikura Ventus Blue 6
Fujikura’s Ventus line is available in three different configurations offering different launch profiles; the Black, Blue, and Red, offering low, mid, and mid-high launches, respectively.

All of the Fujikura Ventus shafts have been specifically engineered with ultra-stiff tips and Fujikura’s proprietary VeloCore Technology which uses a multi-material bias core to help stabilize the shaft at and through the point of impact.

The result is greater energy transfer, higher ball speeds, and tighter shot dispersion. It’s no wonder the Ventus Blue 6 is one of the best-selling Fujikura shafts in our store. If you’re looking for higher speeds and pinpoint precision with a shaft that encourages a mid-launch profile, the Ventus Blue 6 may be for you.

Fujikura Ventus Black 6
The Fujikura Ventus Black offers everything the Blue offers - the same VeloCore Technology, Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, ultra-stiff tip section, and other features that make it stiffer without hindering responsiveness. Also, like the Blue, it’s engineering for stability at transition and energy transfer through the point of impact.

The difference - the Black is for players who need a low launch shaft for the utmost control over ball flight. If that sounds like it’s on the mark for you, this is your Fujikura shaft, and many of our customers agree.

Fujikura Vista Pro 45
The Fujikura Vista Pro is back with a vengeance. Fujikura has been hard at work behind the scenes taking what was already a great shaft design and making it even better.

New Vista Pro shafts feature Maximum Carbon Fiber Content with a new multi-material bias core that improves consistency and sensitivity. Fujikura has also removed smaller plies of material and replaced them with full-length, stronger materials. The new models are lighter and even stronger; there are Vista Pro shafts for players of all swing speeds.

Notably, the Vista Pro offers higher stiffness in the midsection for stability and slightly reduced stiffness in the handle section to improve sensitivity, creating a shaft that offers an excellent balance between weight and flex.

Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 757
The two hallmarks of the Fujikura Speeder Evolution II are low launch and low spin. Speeder Evolution shafts are also made with Fujikura’s Triax Core Technology, which reinforces the interior of the shaft with 3-dimensional woven graphite.

That makes the shaft even more stable and prevents ovalization, even under stress. They’re also counterbalanced, helping to offset the weight of heavier club heads.

Fujikura Air Speeder 40

Fujikura shafts

The Fujikura Air Speeder is somewhat different from the other Fujikura shafts that are also top sellers here at Dallas Golf Company.

With respect to its use of technology, it’s the same. It also includes Fujikura’s Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, for strength, stability, and stiffness, and is ultra-lightweight. But what’s different about the Air Speeder is that it offers a mid-high launch profile for maximum distance.

That’s a good thing for players that need to extract every last ounce of power they can muster, especially for achieving greater shot distances. Luckily, the precision engineering of this shaft helps to keep a lid on shot dispersion, too.

Fujikura PRO 2.0 5
These are the things that define Fujikura’s PRO line: increased torsional stiffness, a more effective loading zone, Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, and a H.I.T. (High-Inertia Tip).

The first two traits improve clubhead speed, shot control, and minimize golf ball spin; the latter improve stability, strength, loading, and of course, energy transfer.

There are Fujikura PRO shafts suitable for players of all skill sets and levels. There’s even a PRO Tour Spec shaft available for players with much higher swing speeds and tempos.

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