About the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke MAX (and Appropriate Callaway Driver Shafts)

Posted by Dallas Golf on 05 Mar 2024

Callaway Driver Shafts

The original Callaway Paradym, with an AI-designed Jailbreak face, was, in and of itself, a work of both art and science.

Never one to rest on its laurels, Callaway has done it again and upped the ante with the new Paradym AI Smoke MAX series of drivers.

But what’s the difference between these and the original Paradym series, which also utilized AI in the design of the face and structure? And on top of that, which Callaway driver shafts pair well with it?

Let’s unpack that all plus some.

Introducing Callaway’s (and the World’s) First AI “Smart Face” Developed Using Player Data

This is not just an AI-designed face. This is an AI-designed face that has taken into account real player data, and lots of it.

Callaway’s engineers accounted for data from 250,000 swings and 50,000 face iterations, 1,040,000 data points in all, requiring 80,000 lines of custom code to develop this new Callaway driver.

The swing dynamics accounted for during development, which Callaway has dubbed “Swing Code,” involved swing speed, club delivery, and face orientation just prior to impact (among others).

Never before has such a complex model been developed solely for this purpose, and the AI Smoke Series rests on the accumulated insight of millions of data points, with a face design and structure that promotes what every golfer craves.

Not just optimal launch conditions, but tighter, more precisely minimalized downrange shot dispersion. What can we say, Callaway has delivered on performance like never before.

Multiple Sweet Spots - Yes, Really

                                  Callaway Driver Shafts

We’re living in an age in which a golf club face can have multiple sweet spots, and that’s not gilding the lily. That performance lives in the Callaway AI Smoke MAX series.

To keep it as concise as possible, Callaway has leveraged cutting edge materials, development processes, and of course, a massive amount of inputs to engineer a face that incurs micro-deflections, activated on impact, to produce not only a larger sweet spot, but more of them.

Now, hearing the expression “micro deflection” might make you start a little. These are not words that most golfers typically would want to hear. But in this case, each micro-deflection is more like a little correction than a little error, the effect of which is that the face has a series of sweet spots dispersed more widely across its entire surface.

Ultimately, this enables golfers to produce longer, straight drives with less shot dispersion, even on slightly off-center shots. So basically what we have here (once again) is a Callaway driver that offers enhanced, optimal forgiveness for players of all skill levels.

And, by the way, these sweet spots are not just concentrated in or around the center of the face, but all across and over it.

Lighter, Still

                         Callaway Driver Shafts

In this respect, the AI Smoke MAX shares a lot in common with the original Paradym line. It also features a lightweight Carbon Chassis and an internal titanium support structure that produces more consistent results and greater stability, along with a Forged Carbon Sole.

But in the new Paradym AI Smoke MAX, the Carbon Chassis is even lighter than in the original, borderline mind-boggling since that was one of the things that made the Paradym such a success.

Those weight savings have been utilized to redistribute mass around the head of the driver with the intent of improving launch conditions and forgiveness, which, when paired with the multiplicity of sweet spots around the face, works wonders.

Plus, for what it’s worth, the Forged Carbon Sole of each individual AI Smoke MAX driver is completely unique, like a fingerprint, adding to the overall aesthetics of the club head.

Customize the Shot Shape

The AI Smoke MAX has more up its sleeve, believe it or not. Like the original Paradym, you can also customize shot shape here, making this an ideal driver for players of all needs and skill levels.

Made with integral Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, the Paradym AI Smoke MAX driver enables you to adjust shop shape for up to 19 yards of correction, based on computer projections and accounting for hosel adjustability.

But that’s still quite impressive, nonetheless.

The MAX D, MAX Fast, and MAX Triple Diamond

In addition to the flagship Paradym AI Smoke MAX, Paradym has also released three variants of the base model, the MAX D, the MAX Fast, and the MAX Triple Diamond.

The MAX D is ideal for players that want a slight draw bias for longer, straighter drives off the tee. It has a higher MOI for greater forgiveness as well.

The MAX Fast is lightweight and easy to swing - hence the name. Anyone with a slightly slower swing speed that could use a slight boost in the form of a lighter club head would appreciate this model.

The MAX Triple Diamond has an ever-so-slightly more compact club head profile with a neutral-to-fade bias.

Alright, So Which Callaway Driver Shafts Work with the AI Smoke MAX?

                Callaway Driver Shafts

There are several Callaway driver shafts that the company recommends for players interested in picking up a new AI Smoke MAX club.

One of them is a Mitsubishi shaft - the MCA TENSEI AV Blue, specifically. Callaway recommends both the 55 and 65, both of which produce mid launch and spin characteristics.

The other main recommended Callaway driver shaft for this club is the Project X Cypher 2.0 which produces higher launch and spin. Given the greater forgiveness and the higher number of sweet spots on the face of the new Callaway AI Smoke MAX, this one is better for players with slower swing speeds and more deliberate tempos.

Get Fitted for Callaway Driver Shafts Here

With all of this being said and done, there is no single Callaway driver shaft that would make a ubiquitously good match for all players.

This is why golfers get fitted before mating clubs and shafts, so they can have some professional insight into their swing speed, mechanics, measurements, and more.

Visit us in our shop in Dallas to work with one of our fitters before you buy a new Callaway golf shaft and AI Smoke MAX driver combo. We’ll help you find the ideal pairing.