About Titleist SM9 Vokey Wedges: Grind, Spin, Wedge Bounce, and More

Posted by Dallas Golf on 02 Feb 2024

                  Vokey Wedges

Since 2004, Titleist’s Vokey Wedges have been #1 on the tour. In that time, master craftsman Bob Vokey and tour representative Aaron Dill have collaborated to produce superior handcrafted technology, resulting in some of the best golf wedges the sport has ever seen.

Titleist’s SM9 Vokey Wedges lean on two solid decades of commitment to the craft, accounting for player preferences, and downright technological innovation. Here’s what makes a Vokey wedge what it is.

What Are the Titleist SM9 Vokey Wedge Grinds?

                      Vokey Wedge

The main selling point of Vokey Wedges is that they are available in a variety of different wedge grinds, each of which results in a different “bounce,” depending on the conditions of the ground that meet it.

This variety makes it possible to select wedges that are custom-chosen for compatibility for the conditions, or for your skills as a golfer.

Vokey Wedge grinds are as follows:

  • F Grind: Titleist’s F Grind has a full sole, and is well designed for full swings and square face shots. This grind is the most played Vokey Wedge on the PGA Tour.
  • M Grind: Titleist’s M Grind is a specialized grind that’s optimized for players that like to manipulate shot shape by intentionally opening and closing the club face to “manufacture” shots around the green.
  • S Grind: The S Grind is suitable for players with similar swing mechanics that prefer the F Grind. This one is best for square-faced shots, but it’s a little bit more versatile than the F Grind.
  • D Grind: The D Grind features a crescent-shaped grind that produces a high bounce, making it a very versatile wedge.
  • L Grind: Like the D Grind, the L Grind features a crescent-shaped grind, but this one’s is narrower. As a result, it offers maximum versatility, but that comes at a price. It is the least forgiving Vokey Wedge in the series.
  • K Grind: Last but not least, we have the Vokey K Grind, which produces the highest wedge bounce in the series. It has a wide, full sole with an advanced camber and is optimal for soft ground conditions, like sand.

To take a closer look at what sort of Vokey Wedge grind is optimal for your skills, you need to consider what wedge bounce is, as well as what the effects are.

What Is Wedge Bounce?

The reason for all these different Vokey Wedge grinds has to do with the sort of “bounce” they produce.

“Wedge Bounce” refers to the angle created by the grind; that is, the angle between the leading edge of the sole, and the lowest point of the sole, or of the trailing edge.

In short, is the area of the wedge that strikes the ground and digs through it. The higher the wedge bounce, the higher the leading edge of the wedge will be off the surface at contact.

Having the right bounce for the ground conditions, as well as for your play style and skills, is critical to promote ideal contact, control, and spin.

As a general rule, low bounce wedges are better (in most cases) for firm ground conditions. They produce clean ball contact, and optimal precision for your short game. Low bounce wedges are also ideal for players that swing with shallower attack angles.

Then you have mid-bounce wedges, which are useful where the turf conditions are firm to normal. Most players can find a mid-bounce wedge that suits their play style, and these are, all things considered, the most versatile, favoring players with neutral swing styles and moderate attack angles.

Last we have high-bounce wedges, which are preferred for soft turf, sand, and fluffy lies. The high bounce helps prevent the sole from digging into the sand/turf. They also produce a lot of spin, which gives players a lot of control over their short game.

Titleist Vokey Wedges and Spin

                  Vokey Wedge

Another key feature of Titleist’s Vokey Wedges are its spin-milled grooves, which produce superior spin, lower launch, and maximum control.

While all wedge grooves wear out, Titleist’s Vokey Wedges are made with spin-milled grooves and their club faces are given a localized heat treatment that improves groove durability.

Their wedges, when new, can produce up to 8500 RPM of spin (2000 more than a club that’s been played for 125 or more rounds) and as little as 10 feet of roll out.

They’re optimized for high spin, low launch, and serious control that you have to experience to appreciate.

If you’re thinking Titleist’s Vokey Wedges might be for you but are unsure of what wedge grind or shaft pairing is right for you, get in touch with us at 800-955-9550 and one of our professional club fitters will help you choose the right club and shaft.