Behind the Popularity of Autoflex Golf Shafts

Posted by Dallas Golf on 08 Nov 2022

                   Autoflex golf shafts

Ever since their release in 2020, Autoflex golf shafts have made steady strides forward in popularity. The specific technology behind these golf shafts remains largely a mystery, but what is not mysterious is that these shafts (of which there are options for drivers, fairway woods, and irons) have been surprisingly well received - and reviewed - by a variety of golfers around the world.

Don’t let the odd, neon-bright branding throw you for a loop. These Autoflex shafts, which sport “Korea Hidden Technology” (whatever that really means) are lightweight and can help golfers achieve higher launch, lower spin, and longer, straighter drives.

What we can tell you is that this “KHT” referenced above produces a surprisingly flexible shaft that is even more surprisingly lightweight.

Here’s what these Autoflex golf shafts promise to deliver.

What Autoflex Golf Shafts Deliver

Interestingly enough, whereas most golf equipment manufacturers have taken great pains to create stiffer, thinner shafts, Autoflex has intentionally produced a series of fairly flexible options.

There are several features of Autoflex shafts that are specifically engineered to deliver a series of benefits to golfers of all swing speeds, including but not limited to:

  • Increased clubhead speeds, higher golf ball speeds, and longer, straighter drives.
  • Higher launch profiles without greater spin profiles (higher spin can correspond to sloppier dispersion) which deliver greater driving distances without a loss in accuracy.
  • Superior accuracy and tighter shot dispersion.
  • The ability to withstand high clubhead speeds in excess of 130 MPH in some instances.
  • Better for players of all skills, enabling faster club head speeds without straining, which can cause injury.

There are two specific attributes of Autoflex shafts that together deliver these advantages. One is that they are extremely consistent and the other is that they are very lightweight.

The technology behind their (super-thin) walls enables these shafts to automatically optimize the transfer of energy, regardless of the swing speed.

They are also 20g to 30g lighter, on average, than other comparable, conventional shafts, which decreases strain on the shoulders, back, and body, and enables higher club head speeds - for players of all different swing speeds.

                   Autoflex golf shafts

Observational Notes

These are some things that players that have actually used Autoflex golf shafts have noticed, pursuant to the brand’s claims about improved clubhead speed, distance, and accuracy.

Golfers agree that whatever the technology is that underpins these shafts, they really can improve ball speed and improve accuracy, without any change in average swing speed or form. That is, the same golfer can boost clubhead speed and ball speed just by swinging an Autoflex.

The lighter weight also seems to have a readily apparent effect on swing speed. One concern that some players had regarding these shafts is that a more flexible shaft would not be to deliver higher ball speeds. Others remarked that the shafts themselves felt downright whippy.

However, even players with higher swing speeds have observed that these shafts compensate and allow the head to “catch up” even when the club is swung fast or hard. Others have noticed that the solution is to alter the tempo, not the speed, of the swing. Slower tempos and smoother swing transitions deliver good results with these shafts.

That said, Autoflex does disclaim on its website that players with high swing speeds should not attempt to swing Autoflex shafts with higher flex ratings. Doing so can cause the shafts to fracture. All the same, there are several different specs and swing weights available so choosing one that aligns with your abilities should prevent this issue.

One of the most noticeable benefits of Autoflex golf shafts is the feedback they offer. Reviewers have noted that these shafts offer some of the best feedback in their class and that the shaft translates loading, transition, and unloading energy through the point of impact effortlessly.

All in all, Autoflex golf shafts allow golfers to focus on their form and swing tempo without straining, which cumulatively can help improve both carry distance and shot dispersion. There’s no need to “swing harder” when you play with an Autoflex.


                        Autoflex golf shafts

Commonly Asked Questions About Autoflex Driver Shafts?

If you’re wondering if an Autoflex driver is for you, consider some of these commonly asked questions before proceeding:

  • Are Autoflex golf shafts only for drivers?

No, Autoflex golf shafts are also manufactured in a variety of swing weights and stiffness ratings for fairway woods and even irons.

  • How does the Autoflex launch higher without producing more spin?

Autoflex shafts do produce a higher launch angle but this does not correspond to higher spin. These shafts are able to produce higher launch profiles thanks to their greater flexibility. Consequently, the higher launch paired with low spin gives them the ability to deliver extended ranges.

  • Can Autoflex shafts be counterweighted to accommodate heavier driver heads?

These shafts can be counterbalanced, but if you do so, all you’ll be doing is adding weight to the overall outfit. This counteracts the purpose of a lighter, more flexible shaft. If anything, you should consider pairing these shafts with lighter driver heads. They load and release energy more effectively and efficiently than other golf shafts, which can give a performance boost to lighter drivers.

  • What are the main benefits of Autoflex shafts?

While an Autoflex golf shaft is not a magic “fix,” for any sort of stance or form issue, golfers of all swing tempos and speeds report higher club head speeds and golf ball speeds when using Autoflex shafts.

Autoflex shafts also offer excellent feedback through the swing, which many golfers appreciate.

Finally, the lighter weight and superior flexibility of Autoflex shafts enable them to deliver higher energy transfer and overall performance with less straining.

Are Autoflex Driver Shafts for You?

Less straining, longer distances, and higher shot dispersion may sound attractive, but before you run and get a new Autoflex driver shaft, we recommend you come visit us in Dallas and work with one of our professional shaft fitting experts.

We will interview you, take your measurements, and observe your swing before making any recommendations. Even among Autoflex shafts, one size does not fit all. They must be properly sized and matched to your abilities to deliver the promised benefits.

If you have any more questions about Autoflex shafts, feel free to contact us at 800-955-9550.