Cart Bags and Stand Golf Bags for Sale: Which Should You Buy?

Posted by Dallas Golf on 19 Jul 2022

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Is the old golf bag on its last legs (if you can excuse the pun)? Do you need a new one but you’re not sure what to get?

If it comes down to the choice between a stand bag or a cart bag, here’s what you need to know before you buy a new one - and fortunately we have plenty of both in our collection of golf bags for sale.

What Is a Golf Stand Bag?

If your current golf bag has legs, you’re working with a stand bag. Golf stand bags are designed for players who walk the course, especially if they play alone and have no one to carry or watch their bag while they’re engaged in the game.

Golf stand bags are typically fairly small and very light. They generally have room for anywhere between 4 and 5 clubs, although larger stand bags are also available. They typically have a couple of specialized pockets - such as for valuables or rangefinders - but usually, they prioritize design and comfort over capacity.

Because they are designed to be carried, stand bags usually have some sort of ergonomic carry system. Some are made with weight-distributing shoulder straps or padded, breathable hip straps that make carrying them easier and more comfortable.

Stand bags are also designed to be exceptionally lightweight and each year manufacturers do everything they can to shave ounces off of the designs of their stand bags. The lighter and more ergonomic their stand bags are, the more easily players will be able to carry them, loaded up, around the course during a round without excess fatigue. Many stand bags weigh in the three and four-pound range, empty.

Stand bags are also equipped with lightweight legs, hence the name. Generally, stand bags are made with strong, lightweight, folding, or collapsible carbon fiber legs that make it possible to prop the bag up when you go to take a swing. This makes them the perfect lightweight solution for players that walk the course.

Get a Stand Bag If…

  • You don’t need a large bag with plenty of space.
  • You play alone or need a bag that you can stand up on its own.
  • You’re sensitive to carrying heavy loads around for prolonged periods of time.
  • Or if you walk the course routinely.

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What Is a Golf Cart Bag?

If your bag doesn’t have legs and you’re used to playing out of a golf cart with it, then you’ve probably been playing with a golf cart bag.

Whereas golf stand bags prioritize straps, size, and weight that make it easier for players to carry these golf bags, cart bags are designed to optimize the use of storage space and capacity with less regard for weight.

Players don’t carry golf cart bags around the course. Instead, they load them up and leave them in the back of a golf cart, retrieving their gear from the back as necessary.

As a result, golf cart bags are typically larger and heavier than stand bags, although manufacturers still try to keep weight reasonable. They also are generally designed with special lift handles that make it easier to move the cart from the trunk to the cart and vice-versa. 

Specialized pockets are common on golf cart bags and cart bags tend to have more pockets and space overall than stand bags. For instance, cart bags sometimes have specialized cooler pockets for refreshments, lined rangefinder and valuables pockets, and more.

Quality golf bags designed for carts are also laid out in specific configurations that make it easier to reach all of their pockets from one side of the bag. That is when they are loaded into a cart. Since they are larger and heavier than stand bags, it’s not so easy to shift them around once they’re loaded, so they’re ergonomically designed with all-forward facing pockets for easy access.

Get a Cart Bag If…

  • You don’t walk the course, and instead, travel the course via a golf cart.
  • You need as much space as possible to carry all your clubs and gear.
  • You’re not worried about having to move heavier, loaded golf bags.
  • You need a bag with more specialized pockets (just be aware there are stand golf bags for sale with these too).

Golf Bags for Sale: Get Both

High-quality golf bags for sale are not just for professional players. Players that routinely walk the course or play from a golf cart can benefit from having more than one bag - plus a golf travel bag for when they’re on the road and far from home.

It’s not only important to get a bag featuring the perks that will fit your game - it’s important to get a bag made with quality materials that will last.

Fortunately, whether you’re looking for golf cart or stand golf bags for sale, we carry plenty of each from top brands including but not limited to Sun Mountain, Titleist, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Callaway, and others.

Check out our online shop and get in touch with us at 800-955-9550 if you have any questions.