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Combo Irons Aren't Just For The Pros Anymore

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Irons have come a long way since your grandfather played golf. The irons you see above are the TaylorMade P760 combo irons. This is the trend currently on the PGA Tour that we need to address here at Dallas Golf. Every week it seems like there is another PGA golfer moving into some version of a combo iron set. Latest numbers estimate over 70% of PGA Tour players have some sort of combination set in their bags right now. Rickie Fowler is the latest to do so as he has added the game improvement Cobra F9 4 iron into his bag. Combination iron sets is something that more amateur golfers should consider. Every club is used for a different reason so it doesn't make any sense to play a set that is built all the same way regardless of whether you are trying to hit the golf ball 60 yards or 150 yards. A couple of the main golf companies have already started the mainstream movement of combination sets. Current stock iron sets like the TaylorMade P760 mentioned earlier or even the Cobra F8 game improvement irons are actually combo iron sets. For example, the Cobra F8 irons have 3 different heads  (speciality, hollow, cavity back) to give you more forgiveness in the longer irons and better accuracy in the shorter clubs. Watch the video below as our resident PGA Professional, Brady Hawkhurst, introduces golfers of all skill levels to combination irons.


Why Are Golfers Moving To A Combo Iron Set?


Club technology has increased distance which has even led to some PGA Pros going without a 3 wood. The modern day 3 wood simply goes too far. I know, a issue we all wish we had. To fix gaps in irons, PGA Pros and amatuer players are mixing and matching models that create the most consistent yardages. The loft in a super game improvement 7 iron is very different from a forged blade 7 iron. We want to keep gaps within 10-15 yards a club. So if you are hitting your 6 iron 190 yards and your 5 iron only 196 yards then we can look at other iron models to lengthen the gap between the 2 clubs.

2. Holding Greens 

Acheving maximum distance is no longer everything. If your 5 iron goes 200 but never holds the green, what is it good for outside of a few lay ups? I have experienced this myself as I no longer carry my game improvement PW in the bag. My game improvement PW iron shots were going too far and not holding the green. So I ditched the GI PW and switched to a forged blade PW. Yes, the blade iron is both less forgiving and does not travel as far but I am finding more balls on the green. This is just one example of how mixing and matching iron heads and shaft can improve your golf game.

How Do I Find Out If Combo Irons Are For Me?

The best way to find out whether combination irons can improve your game is to see an expert club fitter with a launch monitor! They can help you find which combination of heads and shafts match you best. Come visit Dallas Golf if you live in the DFW area and we will help you find your combination iron set! 

If you're ready to schedule, give us a call at 972-432-7739 or send an email to brady@dallasgolf.com.

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