Eight of Our Top Driver Shafts for Sale Right Now

Posted by Dallas Golf on 02 Dec 2021


We’re in touch with our customers, and our customers demand the best. That’s why we carry some of the top driver shafts for sale here in our online store. We carry some of the industry’s greatest equipment here in our online catalog and these are some of the top-selling, top-performing golf shafts in the game, from Aldila, Fujikura, Graphite Design, Mitsubishi, and others.

Factors like technology, shaft flex, weight, and length all influence the performance of a driver shaft - but we’re confident that these highlights from our collection represent some of the best that money can buy.

If you’re looking to improve your performance on the course, investing in a new golf shaft just might be what you need. Consider one of these.

1.Project X HZRDUS Black
Produced by True Temper, the Project X HZARDUS Black golf shaft is geared for aggressive golfers with powerful, high swing speeds, enabling greater distances without any loss of control.

The HZRDUS Black features high stiffness along the entire length of the shaft, with a particularly stiff midsection and a high kick point. These features enable golfers with fast swing tempos to produce low ball flight and low ball spin, enabling greater distances and accuracy, all through a shaft that loads and unloads fluidly and allows for amazing control.

The HZRDUS Black is available in regular, stiff, and extra stiff ratings, all with low spin and launch ratings.

2.Fujikura Ventus Blue

The Fujikura Ventus Blue is geared for performance. It features a multi-material core made using full-length, high-modulus pitch 70-ton carbon fibers which are stronger and more stable than T1100. These fibers stabilize the shaft through impact, increasing velocity, while additional layers of 40-ton carbon fiber layers provide unrivaled sensitivity.

3.Mitsubishi Diamana DF
The Mitsubishi Diamana DF is not simply a visually attractive golf shaft. It is also driven by performance, merging the best features of the Mitsubishi Blue Boards and White Boards.

If you appreciate smooth loading and unloading and great sensitivity in a golf shaft, then you’re probably going to love the Diamana DF. Golfers across the board have noted that these shafts are both smooth and stable. These shafts generally produce low launch ball flight and have very stiff tip sections that are stable through the length of the shaft.

4.Fujikura Vista Pro 60
The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is attractive not only for its performance but also for its price. The hallmark of the Vista Pro 60 is a lightweight cage design with thin walls that keeps weight down while enabling great consistency and sensitivity.

Its lightweight design, stuff shaft flex, and consistency are geared towards golfers with high swing speeds that are looking to improve their distance and accuracy.

5.Project X Even Flow
The Project X HZRDUS golf shafts are generally geared towards golfers that have fairly high swing speeds and fast swing tempos. Using shafts that deliver this type of performance can be frustrating for some players.

Enter the Project X Even Flowline, specifically developed for players with slower swing speeds. These golf shafts are smooth, sensitive, load effortlessly, and produce a big kick. Smooth, consistent, and powerful, these golf shafts are noted for their exceptional energy transfer that enables powerful drives and greater distances, even when the swing speed isn’t there.

6.Aldila Quaranta Blue 50
Aldila’s Quaranta shafts are noted for their lightweight and sensitive handling, and the Quaranta Blue 50 is no exception. Light, sensitive, and smooth, these are some fine additions to any collection of driver shafts for sale.

A common problem with ultra-lightweight shafts is that they tend to suffer in terms of strength, stiffness, and stability. Fortunately, Aldila’s crew engineered all of those problems away with the creation of NexGen Micro Laminate Technology (MLT).

Their MLT utilizes a series of exceptionally thin, cutting-edge materials that improve strength, flex, stability, and torsion, helping to minimize shaft variability.

The result? Ultra light-weight shafts that land hits well out of their weight class.

7.Fujikura Speeder Evolution V
Smooth, consistent, and high-launching just about sums up the performance of Fujikura’s Speeder Evolution V line of driver shafts for sale.

Its exceptionally smooth handling, high sensitivity, and fluid loading are praised by golfers, with some noting that you can nearly “feel” the energy being released on the downswing. Pair that up with the amazing energy-transferring abilities of these shafts and you have a winning combination of traits.

These shafts are available in several different weights and shaft flex ratings, but a few things are consistent. They load smoothly, excel at energy transfer, and produce consistent, high ball flights.

8.Mitusbishi TENSEITM CK Pro White

MCA is renowned for its commitment to innovation and the TENSEITM line is indicative of this. The term “tensei” itself connotes “transformation,” which is something their engineers were going for in these golf shafts.

The TENSEITM CK Pro White features a multi-material design that capitalizes on a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar weaves for strength, consistency, control, and sensitivity, from the butt section all the way down through the tip.

These golf shafts have low torque ratings and exceptionally stiff tip sections that allow for fluid loading, low launch flights, and greater distances and accuracy - particularly in the hands of experienced players with higher swing speeds.

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