Everything You Need to Know About the Titleist TSR Drivers

Posted by Dallas Golf on 20 Jan 2023

                              Titleist TSR Drivers

For seventy years, Titleist has been a premier name in the golf industry and sets the standard for quality and consistency golf balls. Self-styled as “Golf’s Symbol of Excellence,” Titleist produces some of the highest quality equipment in the game.

The sort of excellence for which the company is known is evident in game-changing, innovative driver heads like the Titleist TSR driver.

In the TSR line, Titleist has anticipated every accountable aspect of impact and then factored that into construction and material, optimizing a driver head design that outdrives and outperforms at every level.

Highly refined, Titleist TSR drivers enable faster, longer, straighter drives, period. Here’s what you need to know.

Faster Drives

Titleist has engineered and optimized the physical contours and weighting of its TSR drivers, allowing them to slice through the air like a metaphorical hot knife through butter - and faster, delivering more consistent, higher ball speeds off the tee.

These driver heads begin in the virtual realm as a CAD model; Titleist then modifies the walls of the simulated design and tests the design robotically to measure the clubhead speed.

From these tests they draw a confidence interval to continue testing; they have also incorporated a small vertical section at the rear of the club which helps keeps the airflow from separating, improving aerodynamics.

This is an optimized, proprietary “boat tail” design that concentrates the swing weight and helps alleviate drag from the club sole. This is the same technology that boat-tailed rifle bullets use to improve aerodynamic stability. It’s literally ballistically proven to improve speed and stability.

Longer Drives

Errant shot dispersion is something that all golfers have to square with, at some point or other. Developing a consistent stance and swing, and coming to terms with what equipment suits your natural abilities the best, is all part of the learning process that makes golf a lifelong sport.

Yet, in this as in other areas, Titleist has outdone itself with its TSR drivers, which are mathematically designed to enable tighter, straighter, longer drives.

The proprietary metal alloys used in the construction of Titleist TSR drivers are industry leading and used by the likes of NASA, among others. These select alloys substantially outperform competition in terms of strength, recoil, and durability. The materials used in the TSR are on average 5-7% stronger than the industry standard and nearly 25% higher in elongation. They are both strong and flexible.

The unique balance of attributes is another item on which Titleist has capitalized with admirable facility: these drivers feature variable face thicknesses, optimized by swing type to maximize energy transfer and forgiveness.

In short, these driver faces deliver higher rebound and greater elasticity which generate more consistent “characteristic time” (the amount of time, measuring in microseconds, that the ball stays on the club face during impact) ratings, for more consistent, longer drives.

Straighter Drives

                                    Straighter Drives

Finally, Titleist TSR drivers bring another secret weapon to the golf course: they enable straighter drives, too, rounding out  the holy trifecta of clubhead speed, control of shot dispersion, and of course, greater range.

Control of shot dispersion through spin, launch angle and impact point (among other factors) is something that golfers often wrangle on an individual basis. But optimized, precision-engineered club heads like the TSR drivers from Titleist can make quite an impact on performance.

Titleist has maximized MOI in the design of these drivers, which means that, when you do incur a mishit, the driver is impressively forgiving.

Even with mishits and poor swing form, the driver maintains speed and control of shot dispersion. It’s a fast, precision-engineered driver that is enjoyable to swing and is very forgiving.

From time to time, every player is going to take a misstep with a poorly timed swing or a minor stutter in stance and form. Swinging a forgiving driver like a Titleist TSR helps leverage the law of large numbers to your advantage: even with those occasional hiccups, the driver will still perform, and your scores will follow.

Pairing Shafts with Titleist TSR Drivers

Since Titleist TSR drivers are optimized for forgiveness (among other factors) there are numerous driver shafts for sale that players have called a good match for them, including but not limited to:

  • Fujikura Speeder Shafts
  • Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue
  • Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Black
  • Project X HZRDUS Black
  • Project X HZRDUS Red

Those recommendations, by the way, come directly from Titleist’s published media recommendations. You can learn more at the source via the previous link.

But, the best advice we can offer you is to work with a golf club fitter. Only a fitter can take your measurements, observe your swing for form, stance and tempo, and make personalized recommendation in golf shafts that will account for your swing speed and tempo.

For more information on golf shaft fitting or for more personalized recommendations for shafts to pair with Titleist TSR drivers, feel free to get in touch with us at 800-955-9550.