Everything You Wanted to Know About the Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro White (Some Consider It the Best Golf Shaft!)

Posted by Dallas Golf on 24 Aug 2022

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If you start researching the best golf shafts in the industry, it won’t be long before you come across MCA’s TENSEI CK Pro White series, which some consider among the best shafts overall for price, value, and performance.

Let’s take a closer look at what these golf shafts can offer and what makes them different.


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The Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro White series offers something of an expansion over the TENSEI CK Pro series, by creating a multi-material design with some of the most targeted, performance-driven materials MCA has ever used.

It is available in three different shaft flex ratings, either regular, stiff, or tour-extra-stiff, and weights that range between 52 and 86 grams. Generally, the stiffer shaft ratings are on the heavier end of the spectrum.

These shafts actually have a pretty high degree of variability in terms of torque rating, ranging from 2.8 for the TENSEI Pro White 80 (which also has a TX shaft flex rating) to 5.1 for the TENSEI CK Pro White 50 (with an R shaft flex rating).

All Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro White shafts feature a high kick point, which enables these shafts to deliver low launch, and low spin profiles.

What Makes It Different from the TENSEI CK Series?

Players who loved the crisp feedback and high-performance engineering of the TENSEI CK series will love the TENSEI CK Pro White. Like the TENSEI CK series, the Pro White series uses a stiff tip and a high kick point that delivers low spin, low launch performance, and consistency.

Yet, the TENSEI CK Pro White utilizes 11 different high-performance materials in its construction. These shafts utilize a special Kevlar Carbon Fiber weave in the butt section which enhances stability and feel. They also incorporate high-modulus, low-resin-content (L.R.C.) prepreg through the body of the shaft and a stiffer, boron-reinforced tip.

Construction and Unique Features

There are a few different features of the Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro White that make it one of the best golf shafts in the game and which are responsible for its widespread positive recognition.

MCA has used DuPont Kevlar/Carbon Fiber woven material in the construction of these shafts, as well as ultra-high-modulus 40-ton carbon fiber that is extremely strong and stiff. These shafts feature unique fiber construction and weave which reinforces the section under the hands and at the tip, which improves feedback and stability.

In the construction of these shafts, MCA uses L.R.C., or Low Resin Content prepreg, which uses up to 15% more carbon fiber and up to 13% less resin than traditional prepreg materials.

This is a huge bonus because the resin is only there to bind and stabilize the fibers. The less a manufacturer uses, the better. Ideally, none would be needed - all the strength and stability come from the fibers, not the resin. The lower the resin content, the lighter and thinner the shaft can be, with loss of strength, stability, flexibility, or feedback.

A notable feature of the MCA TENSEI CK Pro White series is that boron fiber has been selectively utilized to strengthen key areas of these shafts, such as the tip section, which improves stiffness and responsiveness. Boron fiber is as stiff as carbon fiber but has superior compression strength.

Finally, one of the most noteworthy features of this shaft is that Mitsubishi has lessened the overall weight. Partially due to their use of L.R.C. prepreg and partially due to their experience producing golf shafts, these shafts are lighter and thinner, with no compromise on feedback, strength, or stiffness.

Handling and Performance

The white, silver and black appearance of the Mistubishi TENSEI CK Pro White may be slick, but coloring is not the feature that makes these some of the best golf shafts in the game.

That honor belongs largely to how these shafts handle and load. Observers have noted that many shafts with low launch and spin profiles tend to feel very stiff (no surprise). One netizen even remarked that low launch, low spin, and ultra-stiff shafts tend to feel “like a telephone pole.” Not so with the MCA TENSEI CK Pro White.

Instead, players and reviewers have commented that these shafts are sensitive and responsive; that, despite their high stiffness ratings, you can feel them loading through the backswing and then really releasing their energy on impact with the golf ball. That responsiveness and feedback are rare in a super-stiff low/low shaft.

This is an obvious bonus for strong players with fast swing speeds, but the unintended consequence is that even players with slower swing speeds will still find it responsive. That said, there are better shafts on the market for players with slow swing speeds; this is just a testament to the design and engineering of this shaft.

The consistent performance, low launch, and low spin of these shafts make them a suitable choice for players with strong, fast swings and high tempos. The TENSEI CK Pro White can offer the low launch necessary to extend range, and the consistently low spin to control shot dispersion for more accurate drives - all in all, a really good pairing.

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The Best Golf Shaft? Work with a Fitter to Find Out!

Considering all things, the Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro White series consists of excellent shafts, and you could definitely make a case for them being among the best golf shafts on the market.

Does that mean they’re perfect for your golf clubs? Not necessarily, but if you come into our shop in Dallas to work with one of our fitters, we can give you a better idea of what will work for you in terms of stiff shafts, shaft length, heavier or lighter shafts, and so on and so forth.

Even if the TENSEI CK Series is not well-aligned with your needs, we carry many of the other best golf shafts on the market, including the Project X HZRDUS Smoke line, the Fujikura Ventus line, and many others. We also carry steel shafts like True Tempers that you can use for iron shafts - drivers aren’t the only clubs that need good shafts - fairway woods and irons do, too.

Take a look through your collection to see some of our best-sellers for yourself and if you have any questions, get in touch with us at 800-955-9550.