Four Mitsubishi Shafts to Keep Your Eye On: The Diamana GT, PD, WB, and TB

Posted by Dallas Golf on 19 Mar 2024

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Mitsubishi as a company might be better known for automotive engineering than it is for golf shaft innovation, but all the same, the brand is as well-respected as the other greats in the industry, PING, TaylorMade, Fujikura, Aldila, and so on and so forth.

Never content to rest on their laurels, Mitsubishi is constantly innovating, and even in lines that by right should be able to rest on reputation, MCA is committed to consistently upgrading and improving.

Take the Diamana line. These Mitsubishi shafts have set the tone for sensitivity and feedback ever since they were introduced way back in 2004.

And they continue to do so - especially in these four new series.

The Diamana GT

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Slick in silver, the Diamana GT is the Mitsubishi shaft (at least from the Diamana series) that you should be swinging if you crave low-launch, low-spin performance and have a more aggressive swing tempo and speed.

This Mitsubishi shaft is made with Xlink Tech Resin system that enhances carbon fiber volume to boost sensitivity without compromising on strength or energy-transfer characteristics, and has a boron fortified tip for stability.

That, and it’s also made with Consistent Feel Design, MR70 fiber for strength and reliability, and optimized for swing-to-swing consistency.

The Diamana GT features medium stiff tip and midsections and a firmer butt section, and delivers a lower-launching, lower spinning profile.

If you want a super-stiff butt section and a low-launching, low-spinning shaft that still delivers uncanny feedback and sensitivity, this is the Mitsubishi Diamana shaft you should be swinging.

The Diamana PD

The Diamana PD is the lowest-launching, lowest-spinning Mitsubishi shaft in the 5th Gen Diamana lineup, and is made with many of the same technologies that are present in MCA’s other Diamana shafts.

For instance, it boasts high-modulus MR70 fiber that offers excellent elasticity and energy-transfer characteristics as well as boron-infused prepreg near the tip section to improve sensitivity and stability.

It also features Xlink Tech Resin System that maximizes carbon fiber volume to heighten sensitivity and feedback, along with Consistent Feel Design that minimizes variance in the outer diameter of the butt sections of these shafts, for consistent performance between batches.

But this one is geared for performance, with a medium-stiffness butt section and firm tip and midsections that produce exceptionally low launch and spin characteristics. It even produces minimal torque to reduce shot-to-shot variations and increase consistency and center-face ball strikes.

These features, together, result in a shaft that delivers a good deal of activity through the handle but a stiff, yet sensitive and stable tip section that together produce unparalleled feedback paired with penetrating ball flight.

Ideal for golfers with swing speeds and aggressive tempos that like to let their power - paired with a low-launching shaft - do the work.

The Diamana WB

                   Mitsubishi shaft

This is it: the Diamana WB, the resuscitation of the classic “board,” the surfboard associated with the Diamana image.

This is the first entry into the 6th generation of the Diamana family, and delivers low-low performance - low launch and low spin, paired with low torque, in a design that sports a medium tip section, a firm butt section, and an extra-stiff midsection.

It’s made with super high-modulus 80 ton Dialead Pitch Fiber that boosts energy transfer and stability, as well as Pitch 46 ton fiber in the shaft’s angle plies; this reduces the torque rating without a bump in weight, which in turn improves control and stability. The tip section is also uniquely reinforced to control torque without hampering sensitivity.

Like the other Mitsubishi shafts mentioned here, the Diamana WB is made with MCA’s Xlink Tech Resin System and MR70 technology that together result in a stiffer, more stable shaft that offers unparalleled feel and strength - both.

All this is wrapped up in the Diamana WB’s vintage aesthetic, with flowers and a surfboard behind the logo, reminiscent of the original series.

It drives similar performance to the Diamana PD; not quite as low, but with a firm midsection and even firmer butt section that help keep launch and spin low without compromising on activity in the tip section - thus producing penetrating, low-launching drives.

The Diamana TB

The Diamana TB is, even among these Mitsubishi shafts, a paragon of sensitivity. It is designed to offer a smooth swing and consistent feedback, which it does better than perhaps any other Diamana shaft.

With a firm midsection, a medium firm tip and a medium firm (but slightly stiffer) butt section, the Diamana TB produces both mid launch and spin characteristics, making it appealing to a wide range of different golfers.

It’s made with Consistent Feel Design technology that minimizes variances across different shafts in the same lines, too, ensuring consistency from swing to swing.

It’s also made with Mitsubishi’s MR70 carbon fiber for strength and durability, as well as with MCA’s Xlink Tech Resin System that improves carbon fiber volume to boost sensitivity without compromising on strength.

The tip section is also a work of art. It’s fortified with Boron, which makes it stronger, but also designed to be more active, so as to provide better feedback through the swing.

Here’s the bottom line. If you liked the Mitsubishi Blueboard, this is the shaft you should try.

Learn More About These Mitsubishi Shafts

These are only a few of the Mitsubishi shafts in the Diamana lineup - but all worth a look if you’re interested in upgrading the driver you’re currently plating with.

Believe it or not, swapping the driver shaft is like putting a whole new engine in a car. It’s the performance of the shaft, and energy-transfer characteristics it offers, that largely drive carry distance and shot shape.

Naturally, the driver head is implicated in this, but it’s about a lot more than just that.

Don’t go throwing darts at the board with your game, though. What golf shafts work for one player just might not work for you. If you’re considering a re-outfit, get in touch with us first. We can either make personalized recommendations or work with you for club fitting so you can get a shaft that you know will perform with your clubs.