Golf Bags for Men: By Feature

Posted by Dallas Golf on 15 Mar 2023

                        Golf Bags for Men

Spring is hardly a month away. You know what that means. It’s high time to get back to the driving range and brush up on your swing - especially if you’ve got some new clubs for Christmas that you haven’t broken in yet.

It’s also high time for you to update your current setup if it’s been a few years. If you got some spare Christmas money along with those new clubs, you might as well do them justice with a new golf bag.

By the way, whether you’re looking for golf bags for men or women, we carry some of the top lines and models from Sun Mountain, Club Glove, Callaway, Mizuno, Titleist, and others.

Regardless of brand, though, if you’re in the market for a new one, here’s what to look for, by feature.

For Stand Bags

Golf stand bags are ideal for players that walk the course. Consequently, they are typically smaller and lighter than cart bags and travel bags, and prioritize weight and ergonomics over capacity and access. Here are some things to look for.

  • Lightweight design: A lightweight design is probably the most important thing a golf bag (for men or women) can offer. You have to carry these on the course all day, so light weight helps fight fatigue. There are some stand golf bags on the market that weigh under 3 pounds empty.
  • Padded hip and shoulder straps: The other half of a lightweight design is a set of features that help properly distribute weight. Some stand golf bags offer padded hip or shoulder straps that make it easier to carry the bag all day long - some are even breathable to keep you cool in the summer.
  • Full-length shaft dividers: Full-length shaft dividers help protect your golf shafts and prevent them from rattling against each other as you walk the course. Shafts can splinter, fracture and crack when poorly handled, so look for this feature.
  • A rain fly or water repellent fabric (or both): The thing about walking the course is you can get caught in the rain. Not only should you carry an umbrella, but your golf bag should afford good protection to your gear. Look for a stand bag that comes with a rain fly (most do) as well as one that’s made with water repellent fabric.
  • Strong, lightweight legs: Most stand bags are made with strong, lightweight, collapsible carbon fiber legs that are both convenient and reliable.

For Cart Bags

Cart bags, unlike stand bags, are designed to enable a player to golf from the comfort of a golf cart. Consequently, they prioritize storage space and easy access over weight and ergonomics. These are some of the top features too look for.

  • Extra capacity/Storage options: Most golf cart bags are bigger than equivalent stand bags and have a lot more room - not only for clubs but for golf equipment and accessories. The bigger, the better, since you don’t need to carry it.
  • Organization panels/features: While you won’t need to carry a golf cart bag, you will need to easily access whatever you packed into it. Fortunately, most cart bags have pockets that are forward facing; some have special organization panels that make it easier to organize and access golf balls, tees, gloves, notepads, pens, and anything else you brought along.
  • Specialized pockets: Golf cart bags have more flexibility when it comes to specialized pockets and some come with cooler pockets, water bottle pockets, lined valuable pockets, umbrella pockets, and apparel pockets.
  • Full-length shaft protectors: These are just as important here as they are in a golf stand bag. They’re vital to protecting your shafts while you’re on the course.
  • Easy-lift/Overmolded handles: You don’t need to carry your cart bag around the course. You do need to be able to get it in and out of the cart!
  • Cart Bumpers: These will help ensure your bag sits properly and will protect it during transit.
  • A strap retention system: Some golf cart bags are made with strap systems that help secure them to the golf cart, protecting your clubs and gear while you’re on the course.

(Note: there are golf bags called hybrid bags that offer features of both stand and cart bags and can be just as easily carried as kept in the back of a golf cart. If you can’t decide on one or the other, go with a hybrid.)

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For Travel Bags

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a travel golf bag, the central trait to look for is protection: how well will it protect your golf clubs and equipment during transit?

These are the things to look for.

  • A design that fully encloses another bag: What you don’t want to do is unload one bag and load up another. Consequently most golf travel bags are designed to totally enclose a cart or stand bag.
  • Internal retention straps: A quality travel bag will have internal features like straps or buckles that secure your cart or stand bag and prevent it from rattling around in transit.
  • Hard sides: Some golf travel bags are soft-sided, but if you’re looking for optimal protection, go with a model that has hard sides, which will afford better protection to your clubs and gear against being crushed.
  • Wheels and a tow handle: Last but not least, golf travel bags can be heavy and cumbersome. If you get a hard-sided model, look for one that has wheels and, preferably, a tow handle, which will make it easier to transport.

                         golf bags for men

Golf Bags for Men by the Top Brands

Whether you’re looking for new, top-quality golf bags for men or women, these are the most important features and traits by category to help ensure you make the right choice.

Take a look through our collection via the link above or come into our shop to get close and personal with some of our top offerings.

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