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Golf Ball Showdown: Titleist 2019 Proto VS Current Pro V1

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PGA Pros are testing the new 2019 Pro V1 Proto golf balls this week in Las Vegas! Titleist is doing a really cool thing by sending out golf balls to members of their Team Titleist community to try. Both pros and amateurs can try the golf balls and give them feedback. Brady was sent was sent a dozen of these new 2019 Proto golf balls. So we decided to do our own testing here at Dallas Golf! We compared the Proto golf balls with the current Titleist Pro V1 model.



Before we release the results you can watch Brady testing and unboxing the new Proto Golf balls in the two videos. Or you can scroll right down to see the head to head showdown! Brady used the same driver, 7 iron, and wedge to do the ball testing. Did you receive Proto golf balls from Titleist this year? If so, we would love to hear from you to see what you think! 


The Results


The first thing we can see is that ball speeds had minimal changes thru all 3 clubs. launch angles were also near identical between the two balls. When we look at back spin, we finally see a noticable change. You can see that there is over a 300 rpm drop in spin between the two balls with the 7 iron. This led to an increase in a couple extra yards. One other difference was the slight ball speed increase in the 50 yard wedge shot which also led to 2 more total yards. Everything else is very similar between the golf balls. This should not be suprising as Titleist is only looking to fine tune the most popular golf ball on tour.

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