How Golf Bags for Sale Protect Your Golf Shafts and Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Posted by Dallas Golf on 04 Jan 2022


Ask ten golfers what the function of a golf bag is and you’ll probably get ten responses along the lines of “a golf bag is just a bag that helps you carry your golf clubs and equipment.” Well, they’re not wrong. Probably most if not all of the time, a golfer in search of golf bags for sale is looking for that very thing.

But suggesting that all that golf bags provide is portability is a gross misrepresentation of what a golf bag can offer you. Let’s take a look at how golf bags for sale can protect your equipment and protect the value of your investment.

Golf Bags for Sale: More Than Portability
There was a time when many golf shafts were made from steel. On top of the fact that steel is very stiff, it is also exceptionally durable. It’s relatively difficult to damage a steel golf shaft, all things being considered.

However, the world of golf has exceedingly embraced graphite and hybrid shafts that, though they offer exceptional performance and variability in terms of stability, strength, and flexibility, come with a caveat. Graphite, though light and strong, can be very sensitive to damage.

Graphite shafts, when handled carelessly or abused, can crack or splinter. Sometimes small imperfections like these do not destroy a shaft; other times they can be catastrophic to the performance of the shaft.

Now, getting back to golf bags for sale: while the chief function of golf bags for sale is portability, there’s something else vital that many golf bags offer - they protect your equipment from damage.

Naturally, shot errors and careless handling can damage golf shafts, primarily graphite and hybrid shafts that are precision-tuned and engineered and contain fragile fibers and materials. An act as simple as replacing your golf club in the shaft can damage either the golf shaft or the clubhead.

Protecting the Club Head
It’s common practice to use a club headcover to protect your irons, woods, drivers, and other clubs. Like your golf shafts, the heads can be damaged by careless handling or abuse. Unfortunately, they can also be damaged through no direct fault of the golfer, simply by indirect contact with the other club heads in your bag.

The traditional solution was to use a club headcover, which does protect your club heads against most light, incidental contact with your other clubs. There is a deficiency with traditional “short” club head covers: they do not cover the golf shaft.

The solution came in the form of a “long” club head cover, that extends part of the way up the shaft, covering the tip section and occasionally part of the midsection of the shaft.

However, unprotected club shafts can potentially rattle around inside a golf bag while transporting or carrying, causing stress, unwanted flexing, and potentially even splinters or cracks.

The “long” golf club cover was a partial solution: enter the well-designed golf bag.

Protecting the Club Shaft
Take a look through any of the golf bags for sale on our website and you will notice a common feature: multi-section tops with full-length shaft dividers.


The function of the multi-section top is obvious: it helps to prevent your clubs from banging into each other and getting tangled. You still need to help protect the clubheads with an adequate club head cover, though, but the divided top section helps.

Further down the shaft, inside of the golf bag, is another concern. Without fully-length dividers, shafts will rub against each other, clatter into each other, or underdo unwanted torsional and lateral flexing that can damage them, causing splinters, cracks, and abrasion to the finish.

Full-length shaft dividers prevent this, preventing shaft migration in addition to protecting your clubs against all of the damage described above. Shaft dividers offer the protection of “long” club head covers and then some, offering even better protection.

Additional Protections
Some golfers will also advise you to bring along a towel or several, wrapping these around the heads of your golf clubs in the event it starts to rain, to prevent them from getting too wet or to help prevent water from getting inside your golf bag.

There’s a better solution, and it’s something else that many golf bags offer. Look for a golf bag for sale with a rain fly. A feature like this will conveniently cover your golf bag, protecting not only your golf clubs from water damage but also everything else inside the bag. Many golf bags are made with quality materials that are treated with water-repellent finishes, too.

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So there you have it. Quality golf bags for sale will not just provide you with a plethora of storage options, but many will support you with enhanced protection for your equipment as you walk the course. These bags are ideal for protecting your investment.

Whether you’re looking for a Sun Mountain stand bag with retractable legs, a travel bag, or a golf cart bag, we have what you need. Come on down to our store in Dallas, Texas to learn more, or get in touch with our customer service team at 800-955-9550 to learn more!