How Important Is Weight in Golf Stand Bags?

Posted by Dallas Golf on 06 Dec 2021


Many golf bags, like the 2022 Sun Mountain C-130, are pretty bulky. Golf cart bags like these have 12 forward-facing pockets, including specialized pockets like a cooler pocket for refreshments, a water-resistant, lined valuables pocket, a specialized rangefinder pocket, and more. They also have room for plenty of clubs - up to 15, with full-length dividers.

All the same, you wouldn’t want to walk the course carrying one of these. Before you put a single club or golf ball in them, they tip the scales at seven pounds. That might not sound heavy, but it’ll wear on you after a day of carrying it across a golf course.

This is why some golfers prefer to use stand bags. For many who choose to walk the course, a golf stand bag is the only viable solution. Let’s consider how weight makes a difference.

Balancing Weight and Capacity in Golf Stand Bags
First off, the larger a golf bag is, the more space it has; and the more you can carry, the heavier your end load of clubs and equipment will be. On top of that, the larger the bag is, the heavier it will be before you even load it up.

At a certain point, it becomes impractical to carry certain golf bags because they are either too bulky to carry comfortably or too heavy. Additionally, each extra ounce of weight in a golf bag will increase your fatigue, especially on long days on the course.

This is the reason that one of the central features of golf stand bags is weight. In many cases, it is the feature that some manufacturers promote the most heavily.

The following are some of the lightest golf stand bags from our collection.

-Sun Mountain Metro Stand Bag: 5 pounds
-Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag: 5.2 pounds
-Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag: 2.8 pounds
-Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag: 2.9 pounds
-Sun Mountain Eco-Lite (Made from recycled water bottles!): 3.9 pounds
-Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag: 3.8 pounds

While there are a few stand bags in our collection over 5 pounds, the key takeaway here is that most are much lighter. Several of the items highlighted above are less than three pounds.

Now, objectively, it might not seem like there’s much difference between 2.8 pounds and 7 pounds until you realize that a 2.8-pound bag is less than half the weight of a 7-pound bag.

Why is this so important? Well, because it lets a golfer walk the course more comfortably and with less fatigue. If you’re a golfer that walks the course, there’s a limit to how many clubs and how much gear you can carry comfortably anyway.

Make the responsible decision, pare down your equipment and take along only what you need, opting for a lighter golf bag. Many stand bags have comparable space to larger, heavier cart bags anyway, and with them, you’ll enjoy more time out on the course and conserve your energy for the swing, where you need it.


Other Features
Choosing a golf stand bag that is lightweight doesn’t mean you need to skimp on other features. Many stand bags have a similar capacity to other larger, heavier cart bags, and some of the other niceties as well.

For example, many of our stand bags feature full-length shaft dividers to protect your golf shafts and prevent shaft migration; while many stand bags are on the smaller side, others, like the Sun Mountain 4.5+LS have a 14-way divider so you can bring along more clubs to tackle the green with greater confidence.

Some of these stand bags also have specialized pockets like cooler pockets for refreshments or lined valuables pockets for your wallet, keys, or phone. It’s more common for stand bags to have fewer pockets, say, five as opposed to 10 or 12, but that’s still plenty of room for you to bring along the necessities.

In addition, many golf stand bags also come with comfort-enhancing features that make it easier for you to carry them comfortably all day long. Many of them have cushioned breathable hip pads, to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. Some of them have advanced weight-distributing straps, like Sun Mountain’s X-Strap System, to keep you more comfortable for longer.

For players that walk the course, getting caught in the rain is often an unfortunate reality. When that happens and you don’t have a cart to retire under, your gear needs to take care of itself. Bringing along an umbrella is a good idea; most stand bags also come with rain flies to keep your clubs and gear dry.

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