Is There A Gap In Your Game?

Posted by Austin Chen on 05 Sep 2018

TaylorMade Golf created a club to bridge the gap between your longest iron and shortest fairway wood. Behold the new GAPR which is priced at $249.99 and released on Sept 7. There are 3 models available so any type of golfer will find a GAPR club that fits their game. The new TaylorMade GAPR line is aimed at covering the widest range of players possible and are made to work perfectly together with the remainder of your bag. This is the biggest difference between the GAPR and all the other driving irons or hybrids out in the current market. You can find a thin, light, and fast C300 face insert on any GAPR club. This create faster ballspeeds as well as weight savings that can be redistributed to more useful parts of the clubhead. Each model also features a hollow clubhead with SpeedFoam for improved sound, feel, and ballspeed. One can also find a SpeedPocket in the sole for improved launch and distance characteristics. A Loft Sleeve is featured in all three clubs for custom tuning and fitting with 1.5-degrees of movement in either direction. KBS Hybrid shafts come standard and are available in 80X, 80S, 70R, and 60A options. Additional shaft options will be available through custom order. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips come standard.

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  • Lofts available in 2 (17 degrees), 3 (19 degrees), 4 (22 degrees)
  • Low-forward CG for extreme distance with a penetrating trajectory
  • Smaller, "players" profile for excellent shot-shaping and work-ability
  • Mid-thin sole width provides maximum versatility and flight control
  • Appeal to faster swingers


  • Lofts available in 3 (18 degrees), 4 (21 degrees), 5 (24 degrees)
  • Ultra-low CG for extreme distance with a mid-high trajectory
  • Iron-inspired face profile to inspire confidience
  • Medium-wide sole for ease of play and versatility
  • Sole has less dig than GAPR LO

Ready to buy a GAPR?


  • Lofts available in 3 (19 degrees) , 4 (22 degrees), 5 (25 degrees), 6 (28 degrees)
  • Low-back CG for extreme distance with a high trajectory
  • Most traditional hybrid shaping
  • Dropped crown contour for lower CG and improved alignment
  • Largest of the 3 models

Ready to buy a GAPR?