What Not to Do with Your Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag

Posted by Dallas Golf on 16 Apr 2024

                      Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag

Your Sun Mountain golf cart bag, even if it isn’t a 2024 C-130, cost you a pretty penny. And on one side of the coin, it should. These are not cheap by any stretch, lean on 40 years of golf bag innovation, and are built to stand up to many seasons of use.

That is, if you use it properly. You wouldn’t take your Mercedes down a dirt road at 50, don’t abuse the goodness of a quality Sun Mountain golf cart bag with callous neglect.

We’ve already shown you the right way to care for a golf bag. Now here are our tips on what you should not do.

1. Don’t leave it wet

                       Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag

Most Sun Mountain bags - not just golf cart bags - come with a matching rainfly. That’s cool, they keep your clubs and other equipment dry in the rain.

But that’s not a catchall protection, and once you get home the onus is on you to empty it out and dry the whole thing out before loading it up again.

Trust us, if you leave a wet bag wet, the problem will not solve itself. Rather, you will get mold. And you might ruin some good golf gear in the process.

Fight the temptation - clean the thing out and dry it in a cool, dry place as soon as you can.

2. Don’t leave it in the sun

First we say you can’t leave the bag in the rain, then we say you can’t leave it in the sun - figures.

But seriously, UV light will break down the bag’s outer fabric over time. It’s pretty tough and stable, but if you’re not on the course, cover the bag or leave it in the shade.

Ultraviolet light will not only fade or discolor your bag. It will also make the fabric brittle and prone to tears, especially along the seams.

Or you could just keep it covered or in the shade. You choose.

                      Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag

3. Don’t leave it in the trunk

This is not for your Sun Mountain golf cart bag, itself, but for the clubs it contains.

The reason for this is that high temperatures will destroy the epoxy/resin that binds the golf club head/hosel to the shaft. If it gets too hot, the adhesive will break down and it will adversely affect the performance of that club.

Also, it could even potentially damage the epoxy resin that binds the carbon fiber of your golf shafts - but that’s another story.

Just keep the thing somewhere cool and dry and you should be good.

                        Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag

4. Don’t keep it covered

This might sound counterintuitive but let us explain with a caveat. It should be kept in the shade, but not closely covered.

That means don’t leave it in the garage with a tarp over it, or anything like that. The reason is that if you do you will create a vapor barrier that will trap moisture in the bag.

And, as we just disclosed mere moments ago, moisture is not a good thing - in this instance.

So, if you have the bag in the basement or garage or just inside, leave it uncovered. Let it breathe, it’ll last longer.

5. Don’t lift it by anything but the lift handles

Your Sun Mountain golf cart bag has two if not three overmolded lift handles that are conveniently arranged at the top of the golf bag, which are oversized for comfort, and one of which at least will offer you sure purchase no matter what angle you reach down.

There are also lots of zippers, D-rings, pulls, and other things of that nature. Yes, it’s called a pull - but please don’t pull on it. A fully loaded golf cart bag can be quite a load, and you’re liable to rip these right off.

You want to protect the investment? Handle your golf bag wisely.

6. Don’t organize your clubs improperly

                       Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag

There is a right way and a wrong way to organize your golf clubs (and this goes for all cart bags). Fortunately, most Sun Mountain golf bags (not just cart bags) have full-length shaft dividers that prevent migration as well as undue damage from the clubs rattling around and banging into each other.

All the same, it’s best to know the right way to load them up, right? Usually, the putter well is at the bottom and the spot for the drivers at the top (or vice versa). Woods usually flank the driver and putter, with the irons scattered through the middle.

This balances the cart bag and helps prevent damage to the clubs (also, use club head covers, even though that’s for the clubs and not the bag). But, most importantly, if your cart bag’s configuration differs from this, follow what it has.

7. Don’t overload it

Another thing: there’s a lot of room in some Sun Mountain cart bags, like a 2024 C-130. That does not mean you have to use all of it, and in fact, you shouldn’t,

As a general rule, stick with one club per shaft slot, and don’t overload the pockets. Can you cram more than one pair of golf shoes inside of some apparel pockets? Sure, but should you? Definitely not.

This will protect your bag and avoid stressing the seams and zipper - so your bag will last longer.

8. Don’t manhandle it

Just a general observation, but worth the space it takes for us to point it out in a line or two. Just don’t drag, drop or throw your Sun Mountain bag - that’s it.

9. Take advantage of the specialized pockets appropriately

Most Sun Mountain cart bags come with special pockets that are designed for rangefinders, valuables, and in some instances, cooler pockets for food and drinks.

Don’t mix and match, specifically because you don’t want to introduce debris into the pockets reserved for these special purposes. Keep things where they should be - your bag will be the better for it.

Your New Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag Is Here

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