What’s the Deal with the Three Different Colors of the Fujikura Ventus?

Posted by Dallas Golf on 06 Apr 2023

                    Fujikura Ventus

In one of our previous posts, we covered the Fujikura Ventus line in solid detail. But, as you will notice, the Ventus line is available in three main different configurations.

In this post, we’re going to pick apart the details so you can get started looking into the one that’s best for you, considering what you already know about your current swing speed and tempo.

With no further ado, enter the Fujikura Ventus Red, Blue, and Black, some of the most impressive driver shafts on the market right now.

The Fujikura Ventus Red

The Fujikura Ventus red is the most flexible of the three Ventus shafts and is made with a stiff tip, a firm midsection, and an ultra-stiff handle section. It produces mid to high-launch profiles and medium spin.

The Ventus Red is available in regular, stiff, extra-stiff, and tour extra-stiff profiles. As a result, these are the Ventus shafts that are most suitable for players with slower swing speeds and tempos.

The Ventus Red is also available in several weights ranging between 58.5g (Red 5) and 94g (Red 9). Torque ranges from 3.0 to 3.9 and all Ventus Red shafts feature either low or medium-low kick points.

Most players with swing speeds between 75 and 90 MPH - on the slower end of the spectrum - will probably appreciate the control, feedback, and overall performance of the Ventus Red shafts.

The fact that the Ventus Red, despite featuring firm-to-ultra-stiff sections, delivers mid to high launch profiles and medium spin, helps give range and distance a boost while controlling shot dispersion.

If your heart is set on a Fujikura Ventus but you know the Blue and Black are too stiff for you, then the Fujikura Ventus Red line may be just what you need.

The Fujikura Ventus Blue

                 Fujikura Ventus

The Fujikura Ventus Blue lies perfectly in the middle of the road as far as Ventus shafts are concerned and is made with an ultra-stiff tip, a stiff midsection, and a firm butt section. It produces mid-launch profiles and low spin (except the Blue 5, which produces medium-high launch and medium-spin profiles).

The Ventus Blue is available in regular, stiff, extra stiff, and tour extra-stiff profiles. Consequently, these shafts are better for players with slightly higher swing speeds and tempos. That said, the Blue 5 offers a solid middle ground for players that would like a little extra stiffness than the Red 9 offers.

Like the Red, the Blue is available in several weights ranging from 58g (Blue 5) to 94.5g (Blue 9), with torque ratings ranging from 2.9 to 4.0 and with medium kickpoints, except the Blue 5 which has a mid-low kick point.

These features make the Ventus Blue a top pick for players with swing speeds just a little higher than those that are ideal for pairing with the Red line, higher than 75 MPH but not too much in excess of 100 MPH. There are a lot of factors at play in this.

On average (counting out the Blue 5) the Fujikura Ventus Blue line offers lower launch and spin profiles that enable greater ranges and tighter control of shot dispersion - provided that swing speed and tempo are well aligned.

The Fujikura Ventus Black

                Fujikura Ventus

The stiffest Ventus shafts of the bunch, the Fujikura Ventus Black line features ultra-stiff tip and handle sections with a stiff mid-section. The Ventus Black produces low launch and spin across the board, with the sole exception of the Black 5 which produces a mid-high launch profile.

Stiffer than the rest, the Black is not available in a regular shaft flex - only stiff, extra-stiff, and tour extra-stiff. This makes it the least forgiving line, and most suitable for players with the most aggressive swing speeds and tempos.

The Black ranges in weight from Black 5 at 58g to the Black 10 at a whopping 106g, for extra weight and stability through the swing. Torque and kick point are in league with shafts of similar stiffness; torque ranges from 3.3 in the Black 5 to 2.8 in the Black 10; all Ventus Black shafts feature high kick points.

These features make the Ventus Black line truly suitable only for players with the highest swing speeds, above 100 MPH. Some guides and reviews suggest that the black is suitable for players with swing speeds in the area of 110 MPH.

While these shafts deliver exceptional stiffness, stability, power transfer, and moment of inertia, only players with higher swing speeds will be able to capitalize on the low launch and low spin profiles while controlling shot dispersion.

For others, there are better options, even in the Ventus line - such as the Red line or the Blue 5.

However, if you have a very high swing speed and tempo and crave extra stiffness and weight, a shaft from the Ventus Black series may suit your needs well.

What They All Have

These are the relative differences between the golf shafts in the Fujikura Ventus lineup. However, there are some things you can expect from all of them, regardless of the different granular specifications.

All Fujikura Ventus golf shafts with high modulus and ultra-high modulus pitch 40 and pitch 70 ton carbon fiber which is exceptionally lightweight, flexible, and strong. They all feature maximum carbon fiber content which improves density and strength.

All Fujikura Ventus shafts also feature VeloCore technology, which is a multi-material bias core that delivers greater stability through transition and impact which generates a greater MOI - resulting in higher clubhead speed, energy transfer (smash factor) and consistency, which improves forgiveness, especially on off-center shots.

In a word, Fujikura Ventus shafts are optimized not only for energy transfer and higher velocity, but for greater forgiveness, as well.

Work with a Golf Club Fitter

Still not sure if a Fujikura Ventus is right for you? There’s one good way to find out.

Come work with one of our golf club fitters in our retail shop in Dallas, Texas. We will take your measurements, observe your swing, interview you about your game and goals, and make personalized recommendations.

If there’s a Ventus that’s right for you, we’ll find it.

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