What is FLOW?

Posted by DG on 02 Jan 2017

For years now, the best golfers in the world have known that golf shafts are not perfect. Manufacturers make better products each year with tighter tolerances, but there are still flaws. Those flaws create less than truly perfect conditions for swinging the club and launching a golf ball 300 yards down the fairway.

The very same processes used by the world's best golfers to gain distance and hit more fairways IS available to you, at a reasonable price, and WILL make a difference.

In 2016, Dallas Golf's custom clubs team rolled out our very own Laser Spine Alignment & FLOW™ Technology process customers both in-store and online. The feedback has been great so far! Custom shafts are a big deal for our customers, and the FLOW™ system is simply the next evolution in terms of performance.

Long story short, it's all about identifying exactly which orientation the shaft must take, when installed in your club, to maximize performance. You'll hit the sweet spot dead center more often and that makes golf a whole lot easier! 

For our customers outside the Dallas area, we're now offering the FLOW™ upgrade online. You can buy any custom-assembled driver or fairway wood shaft and add it for just $20.

Click here to learn more about laser spine alignment and Dallas Golf's FLOW™ Technology.

Still have more questions? Brady Hawxhurst, our PGA Professional and resident club fitter is the shaft expert. Email Brady and he will be happy to explain precisely what FLOW-ing a golf shaft will do for your game.