HZRDUS vs Speeder Tour Spec

Posted by Brady on 27 Mar 2017

Another great fitting session we thought worth sharing. We'll call this customer TC. TC is a young guy - roughly 30 years old. He's plays to about a 5 handicap. TC plays recreationally, but cares about playing well. He swings hard but lacks consistency. 

TC's girlfriend bought him a new driver for Christmas - a Titleist 917D3. He really liked it. However, it came with a 74 gram stock shaft. This shaft was heavier than what he normally plays. TC would struggle late in rounds with the driver because of the increased weight. (Yes, really, a few grams can make a big difference!)

After trying about 5-6 shafts in our hitting bay, we settled on two premium shafts that were close in performance. The first was the Project X HZRDUS Yellow 60g 6.5. The second was the Fujikura Speeder 661 Tour Spec X. 

TC's clubhead speed puts him squarely between stiff (S) and extra stiff (X). We decided to go with extra stiff because this generally delivers improved control with a minimum sacrifice of distance. 

In the graphic below you will see that the Speeder 661 gave him the tightest dispersion - smallest circle (note the green circle) and the best ball flight in terms of trajectory. The Project X HZRDUS Yellow gave TC good spin numbers but not enough launch and not a tight enough dispersion.

In golf club fitting we control ball speed while manipulating launch angle and spin rate to maximize performance. It's a balancing act to be sure! The Speeder 661 Tour Spec fit his preference for weight while producing the best ball flight, launch, and spin. TC says this is now the best driver he has ever owned. And that, in our book, is a success!