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PXG + DG = Premium Experience

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We announced it a couple weeks ago, but you might have missed the big news. Dallas Golf has become an Authorized PXG Dealer! Consider this your formal invitation to join us this Friday (February 9th) for our first PXG Fitting Day at the Dallas Golf Performance Center from 10am to 3pm. 

PXG will have their Master Fitter on-hand working with our customers - completely free of charge - to introduce them to this popular new brand.

We are proud to be a PXG dealer because their motto “Best Golf Clubs… Period” closely matches our own. Two things make PXG an interesting brand partner for Dallas Golf!

• PXG does not work on strict product release cycles. When they've got a new product ready for the world, they'll release it. (Proof: Their initial iron offering has been in the market for almost 3 years!) 

• Their engineers are not restricted by costs or materials designing products. They're willing to think way outside the box to deliver clubs that can improve your game.

PXG will have their clubfitters in the Dallas Golf Performance Fitting Center at least once every month and by appointment when necessary. We're excited by this new partnership! If you've got questions, we will be happy to answer them. Give us a call at 972-432-7739.

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Introducing XXIO

We're proud to announce that Dallas Golf has signed on to become one of the newest XXIO equipment dealers. (Pronounced: ZEK-SEE-OH.) Both  online at DallasGolf.com and in Dallas Golf's Performance Fitting Center. What's XXIO all about?  It is a premium golf club brand - long popular in Japan - that falls under the same corporate umbrella as Cleveland [...]

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"Distance Accuracy" & Club Fitting

I heard a great new term the other day - Distance Accuracy. It's not a particularly new concept. During my time as a golf professional I have used a similar term - Distance Control. I think Distance Accuracy more succinctly sums up a golfer’s ability to hit the ball the correct distance. Golf instructors have [...]

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Testing The Titleist AVX Ball

If you live in California, Florida, or Arizona - and have been in a golf shop recently - you may have seen a green colored box of golf balls with the famous Titleist script emblazoned on it. Stop by Dallas Golf's Retail Pro Shop and you will see that same green box. That is the Titleist [...]

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Learning from the PGA Tour

Intellectual curiosity. I wish I knew where mine came from. Perhaps I was born with it, perhaps it was instilled in me from a young age by parents who frequently responded to my questions not only with the answer but usually with another question to continue to stimulate me. Perhaps my grandfather who was [...]

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HZRDUS vs Speeder Tour Spec

Another great fitting session we thought worth sharing. We'll call this customer TC. TC is a young guy - roughly 30 years old. He's plays to about a 5 handicap. TC plays recreationally, but cares about playing well. He swings hard but lacks consistency. TC's girlfriend bought him a new driver for Christmas - a Titleist 917D3. He really [...]

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Getting The Flight Right

Another day and another successful fitting. Heard great response to the first "case study" we shared, so here's another for your reading pleasure. Hopefully it sheds more light on the many benefits of working with an experienced clubfitter. This is a recent fitting session we did with a customer we'll call CB. CB is a high speed, elite [...]

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Who Doesn't Want 10 More Yards?

This is the first of what will be many "case studies" that we plan to share. Despite how many fittings we do every week at the Dallas Golf Fitting Center, there are still tens of thousands of our customers who don't know the many benefits of working with an experienced clubfitter. By sharing quick summaries [...]

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The Short Driver Craze

Driver length seems to be a hot topic. And the question is... is longer better?To answer that question right away, we don’t think so. If you are a golf fan you may have seen the news recently that reigning PGA Championship winner Jimmy Walker put a 42 inch Titleist 917D2 driver into play at [...]

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What To Expect In A Fitting Session

We were recently recognized by Golf Digest as one of America’s 100 Best Club Fitters for 2017. It's exciting news for us to be sure, but we also figure it is perfect timing to take a moment and explain what you should expect when coming to see us for a club fitting session. After all, the [...]

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