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Getting The Flight Right

Posted by Brady on 23 Mar 2017

Another day and another successful fitting. Heard great response to the first "case study" we shared, so here's another for your reading pleasure. Hopefully it sheds more light on the many ben … read more

Who Doesn't Want 10 More Yards?

Posted by Brady on 16 Mar 2017

This is the first of what will be many "case studies" that we plan to share. Despite how many fittings we do every week at the Dallas Golf Fitting Center, there are still tens of thousands of our cust … read more

The Short Driver Craze

Posted by Brady on 31 Jan 2017

Driver length seems to be a hot topic. And the question is... is longer better?To answer that question right away, we don’t think so. If you are a golf fan you may have seen the news recently that re … read more

What To Expect In A Fitting Session

Posted by Brady on 30 Jan 2017

We were recently recognized by Golf Digest as one of America’s 100 Best Club Fitters for 2017. It's exciting news for us to be sure, but we also figure it is perfect timing to take a moment and e … read more