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What To Expect In A Fitting Session

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We were recently recognized by Golf Digest as one of America’s 100 Best Club Fitters for 2017. It's exciting news for us to be sure, but we also figure it is perfect timing to take a moment and explain what you should expect when coming to see us for a club fitting session. After all, the majority of golfers have never been through a professional fitting. Just know that it will have a major impact on your game, no matter what skill level you may be.

We see players of all abilities in our state-of-the-art fitting studio. We look to emphasize two things: to help you play better and to help you have more fun playing golf. 

How do we do that? With my experience in playing competitive professional golf, fitting players of all abilities and having undergone the club fitting process myself as a player - we have identified four primary considerations for players trusting us with their equipment. They come in the form of questions.

#1 - How does the equipment perform? 

This is the key to our philosophy in club fitting and the core of my job as a club fitter. I am tasked with putting golf clubs in your hands that provide the maximum performance possible. Period. We encourage players to bring their current clubs to a club fitting session. We will compare the new equipment options to your current set. Dallas Golf is a brand neutral facility. That means we do not favor one brand over the other and we do not make more money selling one brand over another. We singularly care about how your clubs perform.

#2 - How does the golf club feel? 

Only you can determine if you like the feel of the golf club. There is no moment on the golf course that creates more fun than the feeling of a perfectly struck golf shot. It’s the feeling golfers crave at impact. Knowing that golf is a game of confidence, I love knowing that when I make a good swing the shot will feel great and that will boost my confidence. I'm looking to do the very same for you.

#3 - How does the golf club look? 

Only you can determine if you like the look of a golf club. Similar to how the club feels, the look of a golf club can also help to inspire confidence. It is important to like the look of the golf club as you set it down behind the ball at address. We will help you find a club that is pleasing to your eye. After all, we've got 20,000 square feet of clubs to choose from. When you like the look of the golf club in your hand you will swing with more confidence.

#4 - How much does the club cost?

Here at Dallas Golf we will give you the best deal we can. We want the price of your new clubs to be budget friendly. And of course we can also lower your cost on new clubs by taking those old clubs as a trade-in! Our goal as a fitting destination is to provide the best combination of price and service you'll find anywhere.

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