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Getting The Flight Right

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Another day and another successful fitting. Heard great response to the first "case study" we shared, so here's another for your reading pleasure. Hopefully it sheds more light on the many benefits of working with an experienced clubfitter. This is a recent fitting session we did with a customer we'll call CB. 

CB is a high speed, elite amateur player about 40 years old. He's +3 handicap (great player!) and still competes in high level amateur tournaments around Texas. He had been playing a 2016 TaylorMade M1 driver and wanted to move into the 2017 M1 because it offers increased forgiveness from the 2016 model. 

CB fights hitting the occasional hook when under pressure and wanted a driver with some fade bias. (The TaylorMade M1 is the best driver model available for those fighting a hook - thanks to the adjustable hosel settings and center of gravity adjustments.) 

Our fitting session was dedicated to finding the right shaft. We cycled through 8 different shaft options with the best 5 represented in this graphic below. Eventually, CB and I settled on the Graphite Design Tour AD BB 6X. Like most elite players, CB is quite particular about ball flight. He needed help keeping the ball in the air (that means a higher spin rate) while still getting the proper feel at impact. The shaft chosen wasn't necessarily the longest, but it did deliver the performance the customer was seeking, and that is always most important. It's all about performance!

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