Introducing XXIO

Posted by Brady on 30 Jan 2018

We're proud to announce that Dallas Golf has signed on to become one of the newest XXIO equipment dealers. (Pronounced: ZEK-SEE-OH.) Both  online at and in Dallas Golf's Performance Fitting Center.

What's XXIO all about? 

It is a premium golf club brand - long popular in Japan - that falls under the same corporate umbrella as Cleveland & Srixon. What makes XXIO unique from Cleveland and Srixon is that XXIO products are not geared for PGA TOUR players and elite amateurs. XXIO clubs are intentionally designed for players with slower swing speeds wanting to gain back some distance that has been lost to father time.

The philosophy behind XXIO is novel. And frankly refreshing. It's all about purposely built clubs that start with lighter head weights, more flexible shafts, and even specially-designed lightweight grips. The end result is that most players with driver swing speeds 95mph and below make noticeable distance gains. The XXIO X series clubs, in our humble opinion, are simply fantastic and need to be tried!

To help the brand make a bigger splash here in the United States  the company recently brought on Ernie Els to serve as a PGA TOUR staffer, a global ambassador for the brand, and even a board member for the company. We think it is a great fit!

If you're interested in the XXIO brand and have questions, please reach out. We'll be happy to give input and let you know if it's potentially the right fit for your game.  Shop in-store or online whenever you are ready! 

And remember, it's "ZEK-SEE-OH."